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I FINISHED!!! – P90X as a Vegan

I am actually really proud of myself because a little over a week ago I finished Tony Horton’s¬†90 day P90X workout series!!!! ¬†I wholeheartedly recommend this workout program

I did not follow the nutrition plan because I am happy with my current nutrition.  I did however find a great resource for those who are vegan and want to follow the P90X nutrition plan.  Beach Body has a newsletter article specifying how to follow the nutrition plan as a vegan (click here for the article).

Through the years I have done a bit of everything when it comes to fitness…personal training with the amazing Vito La Fata who is the owner of Fitness Evolution (for 8+ years), pilates, yoga, running, swimming, you name it, and I have to say that P90X is an extremely well rounded workout.

I am kicking myself for not taking before and after pictures because it would have been fun to see the changes in photographic form.  The only pictures I have during this process were taken at the mud run when I was half-way through the program.  I can tell you that I have without a doubt gained muscle, increased my endurance, and improved my flexibility (which was pretty good to begin with).

So…I am going to give kudos to myself for sticking it out for 90 days. ¬†Trust me, it wasn’t always easy to make the time and sometimes I was literally getting my workout in at 10:30pm, but I did it because I made the¬†commitment¬†to myself. ¬†Take inventory of your life for 90 days and you will realize that A LOT goes on during that time. ¬†I powered through an episode of sick kids (ER visit and all), the Camp Pendleton Mud Run (the only day I missed my workout…I figured the Mud Run was a good substitute), the end of the school year (always insanely busy), my mom’s hip replacement surgery where I did my workouts in the hotel at night, and the beginning of Summer when the kids seem to always need to be entertained.

Have any of you done this program???  What did you think?


This week I began the 90 day¬†Metamorphosis¬†Omnicentric program by Tracy Anderson and the first three days I was limping because my calves were so sore (I consider this a good sign). ¬†I was smart and had my hubby take some “before” pictures which means I will actually get to see the changes with this workout series. ¬†Stay tuned in 90 days to see how I liked Metamorphosis…

P90X image courtesy of beachbody.com

Metamorphosis image courtesy of thetracyandersonmethod.com


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PRODUCT REVIEW – O.N.E. Coconut Kid’s Drinks

When I went to the Natural Products Expo West I was so excited to see that O.N.E.¬†created a drink for the kid’s lunchbox market called O.N.E.¬†Kids.¬† I was given samples of the Apple, Fruit Punch, and Orange flavored drinks.

My kids and I sampled the drinks this week and here are our results:

Orange (tested by me) РIn my opinion it tasted like pastuerized OJ.  Some people love that taste, but I am more of a fresh squeezed OJ kind of gal.

Apple (tested by my 5 year old daughter and sipped by me) – The apple flavor was definitely subtle.¬† I could learn to like this flavor.¬† Unfortunately my daughter didn’t like it.

Fruit Punch (sampled by my almost 10 year old son) – ¬†I sent him to school with the fruit punch flavor in his lunch box.¬† He is usually a fan on fruit punch flavored drinks and when he came home I asked him how he liked it and he declared, “it wasn’t good.”

Bummer.¬† I so wanted these drinks to knock it out of the ballpark because I am a fan of coconut water for it’s health benefits.¬† I am a fan of O.N.E.’s other coconut waters and do buy them regularly.¬† I love drinking them post workout.

Top image courtesy of luckyvitamin.com

Bottom image courtesy of sophistishe.com

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“Bija Omega Truffles are a rich blend of omega-3 & -6 fatty acids and premium organic ingredients from around the world such as Peruvian chocolate and cocoa butter, and Madagascar vanilla beans.¬† Infused with the ideal 2:1 ratio of essential fatty acids, each exquisite piece nourishes both body and Spirit.” – Flora

I have always had a love affair with chocolate.¬† I am embarrassed to say that nearly every¬†holiday when I was a kid ended with me doubled over on the couch writhing in pain from literally eating ALL of¬†the chocolate I was given (usually by 11am).¬† I know my parents and sister and laughing reading this…oh memory lane!

Maybe that is¬†why I have to be so careful with chocolate now.¬† If I have more than one piece of chocolate I am usually not able to sleep and I get restless legs…is it possible to use-up your lifetime quota of chocolate when you are a kid?¬† If so, then I¬†have gotten¬†pretty close to it.

While at the Natural Products Expo West I was given a few samples of BIJA Organic (99%) Dark Chocolate Truffles.¬† These truffles are made by¬†Flora Inc.,¬†and they incorporate Udo’s Oil blend directly into the truffle.¬† I can promise you that you can not taste the oil at all.¬† These truffles are VERY good and creamy.¬†

While the company currently offers three truffle flavors; dark, milk, and white¬†(they debuted 2 more non vegan flavors at the show; raspberry filled and green tea filled), the Dark Chocolate Truffle is the only vegan truffle they offer.¬† These are definitely a “treat” and I would advise only having one piece MAX per day (each bar comes with 4 small chocolate pieces inside).¬† As far as chocolate goes, the mix of omegas included in this chocolate truffle definitely ups the health factor.¬† These particular¬†bars should be kept refrigerated, but my favorite way to have chocolate is frozen…it lasts longer in your mouth!

The bars are available at health food stores and can also be purchase on line (click here to buy). 

images courtesy florahealth.com


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PRODUCT REVIEW – Potato Flyers

Uh oh…this is not a good one.¬† We sampled “The Original” flavor Potato Flyers.

I so wished that these snacks were as healthy as they are marketed to be (I love giving props to vegan and gluten free¬†snacks), but they just plain aren’t.¬† That being said, my daughter and husband liked them…I personally couldn’t get past how salty they are.¬†

Herein lies the problem; these snacks are almost 40% fat (I like to target 20%) and their sodium content is TWICE what it should be according to the guidelines I like to follow from Dr. John McDougall!

While these snacks do have less fat and calories than a regular bag of potato chips, this is still a snack I¬†personally can’t feel good about feeding to my family.¬†

To learn more about this snack click here.

Photo Credit shessmart.com

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Kale Salad Mix


I have come across another product that I am obsessed with…Harvest Sensations Kale Salad.¬† A few months ago while shopping at Mother’s Market I saw the 1 pound bag of prepared kale and actually let out a little squeal (I am generally NOT the squealing type).¬† I love kale and will definitely take the time to prep it when necessary, but it is soooooo nice to have someone else do the work if possible.

This is not a product that Mother’s always keeps on stock, so when I do see it I am sure to snatch-up a few bags.¬† The last time I was there I made sure I told the produce manager how much I enjoy the product.¬† Please take the time¬†to get to know the produce manager at your local grocery.¬† I have found that they are very receptive to suggestions and really do try their best to provide the customers with products they want.

Lately I have been buying the Harvest Sensations kale salad and either using it to make my Marinated Kale Salad or I will pop it in the steamer for a few minutes and keep it in the fridge to use for lunch over brown rice, throw it into soup, or use it as a quick veggie add to our dinner (it is great drizzled with warm dressing).

Prior to Eating, Wash Thoroughly

Prior to Steaming

Steamed and Ready

Steamed and Ready



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