MY NEXT WORKOUT PLAN – Jamie Eason’s From Flat to All That

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I like to change my workouts up every 4-8 weeks and tomorrow is the beginning of a new workout for me.  I have spent several months focused mainly on my legs and building-up my glutes using techniques from Bret Contreras’s book, Strong Curves, which I used as a reference to create my own workouts and decided that this time I will try and (mostly) follow a plan from vs. creating my own workouts.

I have been lifting predominantly low rep and heavy weight for months now, so this new plan by Jamie Eason called From Flat to All That will be a departure from my norm in that the workouts for the first two weeks have rep ranges of 15-20.  Jamie and her husband are going to be doing these workouts as well, so you may want to follow her in Instagram for motivation.

I am a creature of habit to an extent and like to record my workouts on paper (so un-technical I know).  I created a workout log just as I normally do and thought I’d share it with all of you in case you would like to do the workouts with me as well (see below for the link to the PDF).  I did make a few modifications to Jamie’s workout since I love glute bridges and wanted to make sure they remain a part of my program.  I also like to do HIIT and ab training 2-3 times a week, so I added that in.  She has her rest days as Wednesdays and Sundays (Saturday is an optional rest day as well), however I like to workout Monday through Saturday so I added in some more HIIT and ab work.

I’d love to have you do the workouts with me and follow along with me on my Instagram page as well.  Once we are done with the first two weeks of workouts Jamie is going to release the next phase and I will share my workout log for those with you as well.

If you are interested in having me help you out with a nutrition plan to accompany this workout plan, please check-out my FitQuest Nutrition Coaching Page for program information and rates.

To download the From Fit to All That Workout Log CLICK HERE.


Click HERE for the week 1 & 2 free workout log.

Click HERE for the week 3 & 4 free workout log.

Click HERE for the week 5 & 6 free workout log.

Click HERE for the week 7 & 8 free workout log.

Click HERE for the week 9 & 10 free workout log.

Click HERE for the week 11 & 12 free workout log.


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20 responses to “MY NEXT WORKOUT PLAN – Jamie Eason’s From Flat to All That

  1. CTaylor

    What is the rest time between each round in the circuit?

  2. WOW good stuff!!! I truly appreciate the workout logs and the modifications… we think alike!!! Thank you!!

  3. Brianne

    I love your modifications! It really helps not start so basic if you’ve been working out for a while. My only question is that you say you do HIIT but what do you do for HIIT like the exercises or do you do it on a treadmill or something?

    • Brianne,

      I’m glad you like my modifications. For hiit I generally do intervals; sprints on the treadmill or elliptical or bike. I would do 20-24 mins of 30 seconds sprinting 30 seconds recovery or 1 min on 1 min recovery.

  4. Robin McCullough

    On week three, Tuesday cardio, repeat six times, could you explain?

    • Hi Robin! Sure…Do the step mill or elliptical for 3 minutes, hop off and do 20 jump lunges, then lay down and do 25 bicycle crunches (those three exercises done one after the other are one set). Now repeat that whole sequence again 5 more times for a total of 6 sets.

  5. Sarah Smith

    What does SS mean on some of the workouts?

  6. Hey there! So you’ve now done both Jessie Hilgenburg & Jamie Eason’s programs, is that right? Did you find that you preferred one over the other? Which worked best for your body?

    • Hi! I liked both. Major bonus with Jamie’s program is that it’s free! I’d say start with Jamie’s and then do Jessie’s.

      • I’ve been lifting for a long time but am ready to stick with an actual program. Do you think I would need to start at Phase 1, or jump a few weeks ahead since I am not a “beginner”? Thanks for your input!!

      • I modified the program since I wasn’t a beginner either. You can look at the logs I created (with my modifications) and lift the weights that are challenging for you or start a few weeks in.

  7. I LOVE recording things on actual paper too so you and your logs are making my heart happy. I am also taking this as a sign that this is the program for me. Also LOVE Bret and the bridges and thrusts you added. Thank you so much for making and sharing.

  8. Rachel

    On ab days (I.e. week one Wednesday), do you just perform the exercises to failure, or 15-20 reps like the rest of the week?

    • Hi Rachel! 20 reps is a good place to start, but it really depends on whether or not you do any of the exercises weighted, or where you are in your fitness journey. My best advice is to challenge yourself. The first time you complete the exercise assess how many you can do before getting tired and then do that amount of reps for each set. The next week you can build on that by doing more reps OR adding more weight. Sorry for the vague answer…just make sure you are challenging yourself. Enjoy the workouts!

  9. Shauna

    Hi, is this for beginners or can a beginner do this with modifications? Would you consider this a more muscle building or fat loss program? thanks!

    • Hi Shauna! I think this would work for a beginner with modifications, however Jamie Eason does have her Live Fit trainer that is geared toward beginners. The thing with weight training is that it will help build muscle which long term will increase your metabolism since muscle burns more than fat. That being said, you can never out-train a bad diet…what you put in your mouth matters the most.

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