PRODUCT REVIEW – O.N.E. Coconut Kid’s Drinks

When I went to the Natural Products Expo West I was so excited to see that O.N.E. created a drink for the kid’s lunchbox market called O.N.E. Kids.  I was given samples of the Apple, Fruit Punch, and Orange flavored drinks.

My kids and I sampled the drinks this week and here are our results:

Orange (tested by me) – In my opinion it tasted like pastuerized OJ.  Some people love that taste, but I am more of a fresh squeezed OJ kind of gal.

Apple (tested by my 5 year old daughter and sipped by me) – The apple flavor was definitely subtle.  I could learn to like this flavor.  Unfortunately my daughter didn’t like it.

Fruit Punch (sampled by my almost 10 year old son) –  I sent him to school with the fruit punch flavor in his lunch box.  He is usually a fan on fruit punch flavored drinks and when he came home I asked him how he liked it and he declared, “it wasn’t good.”

Bummer.  I so wanted these drinks to knock it out of the ballpark because I am a fan of coconut water for it’s health benefits.  I am a fan of O.N.E.’s other coconut waters and do buy them regularly.  I love drinking them post workout.

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  1. I’m not a fan of the coconut water, but my daughter loves it. I wish I liked it, it’s supposed to be really good for you. I would have loved for the kids’ version to be yummy. 🙁

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