JACKPOT – All Hail Kale

I feel like I hit the jackpot…let me explain.  At the moment my favorite restaurant meal is the All Hail Kale salad at Veggie Grill with grilled (not blackened) tempeh.  The other day I was craving it and thought, “Why not Google ‘All Hail Kale Veggie Grill Recipe?'”  Well, what do you know…the recipe was on the web!!!!!!  JACKPOT!!!!  It looks like preparing this salad is a bit involved, so I will still buy it when I go to Veggie Grill, but I am so excited to make it for BBQs and parties this Spring and Summer.

I found the recipe on gardenstotables.com:

Since obviously we at GardensToTables are big fans of using the plants we grow or get at the farmers’ market to their highest potential, we talked to Ray White, operating partner and “grillin’ guru” for The Veggie Grill, and he was kind enough to share the recipe for their very popular All Hail Kale. Those who’d like to experience The Veggie Grill will find four locations in Southern California – with more to open in the next few years. (Click “read more” for recipe.)

Photo of Ray White Courtesy of behindthefoodwordpress.com

I myself had never done any research into the founders of Veggie Grill, so when I saw this post I decided to Google Ray White.  I found a very interesting interview of Ray on Behind the Food.  Who knew that Ray White and Tanya Petrovna started Native Foods together???  To read the interview click here.

Without further ado, here is the recipe…


INGREDIENTS – serves 8

6 bunches kale
2 cups quinoa, cooked
2 cups corn salsa (recipe below)
2 cups red cabbage
8 oz walnuts
3 cups Ginger Papaya dressing

Ginger Papaya Vinaigrette (1 1/4 quarts)
1 oz fresh ginger root
1 cup lime juice
1 ½ cups fresh papaya
½ cup rice vinegar
1 Tbs. sea salt
3 cups canola oil
1 ¼ cups evaporated cane juice

Corn Salsa (1 quart)
8 cups Roma tomatoes
1 cup red onion
½ cup cilantro
1 cup roasted corn
2 tsp sea salt
1 tsp black pepper
2 oz. lime juice


Remove spines from kale and chop into 1″ squares. Rinse kale in cold water and  dry. Place kale in 3″ rectangular container add dressing and Quinoa, toss thoroughly, make sure all kale is coated. Refrigerate overnight

Ginger Papaya Vinaigrette:
Peel ginger root and papaya, combine with all ingredients to blender (except oil) blend until smooth. Slowly drizzle oil while continuing to blend until dressing emulsifies, add to container and refrigerate

Corn Salsa:

Chop cilantro, in large bowl combine all ingredients and mix well

Finished Kale Salad Procedure:

To prepare salad add 4 cups marinated kale to plate, swirl 2 ozs raw chopped cabbage around kale, topped with 2 ozs corn salsa, 1 oz walnuts and drizzle 2 ozs dressing topped with shredded carrot


For a printable version of this recipe click here.

1st photo of the All Hail Kale salad courtesy of vegan.com 

2nd photo of the All Hail Kale salad courtesy of  blogs.ocweekly.com


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30 responses to “JACKPOT – All Hail Kale

  1. This looks amazing! I love kale and am always on the lookout for new recipes. Will definitely have to make it soon.

  2. What a beautiful salad……..might make it for a vegan wedding this June!

  3. Dawn

    I believe the walnuts are candied in agave before added to the salad ( at the restaurant), right? That’s one of my favorite parts about this salad, the toasty walnut taste 🙂

  4. YUM!! I visited Manhattan Beach recently and was so infatuated with Veggie Grill that we ate there twice in a span of 3 days!!! So good! Thank you for sharing the recipe for the vinaigrette. My favorite was the Spring Mix Salad with the quinoa. Since we don’t have Veggie Grill in Georgia, I figured I would have to make my own. We already recreated the chipotle ranch dressing for the sweet potato fries. Out of sight!!! Thank you!!!

    • Amy H

      What is the recipe for the chipotle ranch? My hubs loves it on his sandwiches but I have failed to recreate it. Thx

      • Hi Amy! I don’t have their Chipotle Ranch recipe, however I have had good luck creating a chipotle ranch taste by adding hot pimenton (Spanish paprika) to ranch dressing. This is my favorite brand of Spanish Pimenton http://www.tienda.com/food/products/pk-01.html?gcs=1 which I always have on hand in both the sweet and hot varieties.

      • laura

        I havent’t figured it out either but I have made something yummy based on Native Food’s ranch recipe – you start with a Veganaise base, add garlic powder, one of those all in one spice blends, truffle salt ( because everything is better with truffle salt) and pepper and soymilk or something of that kind to thin it out a bit – then you can experiment from there.

  5. sandcastles5

    Anybody have recipe or recipe idea for recreating Veggie Grill’s Too Good Tempeh?!

  6. 3 Cups of Canola Oil???? Gross. I’m never getting this salad again!

    • It is definitely good to know. 3 cups is A LOT of oil considering that dressings can be super yummy with NO oil.

      Come to think of it, I should put re-creating this dressing on my “to do” list.

      • Venita

        Wow I eat this salad all the time, Never thought about the Oil. Yikes I might have to rethink my fave Salad. That is crazy

  7. I absolutely LOVE this salad! Can’t wait to make it myself!

  8. The original ranch dressing recipe is in Joy of Cooking (newer edition). It is buttermilk, lime, cilantro and not much else. Since buttermilk is near fat free or fat free it is also really healthy. I oddly do not taste the ginger or papaya in that salad at Veggie Grill at all. And the three cups oil is a lot but most vinaigrette recipes call for much more oil than I have ever used.

  9. Kristine ILeto

    I feel like I hit the jackpot as well, when found this recipe on YOUR page!!! THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!!

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  11. Peggy

    I love the salad but fel 3 cups of salad oil was over kill I used 2 and it was too much. Is this a misprint

  12. Thanks for sharing! I just ate at the Veggie Grill this weekend, and was wondering how I could make this dressing at home– now you’ve done the work for me! Yay!

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  14. Love the fancy way you plated your version, kind of looks like a Mayan pyramid! This looks great, I will definitely be making a version of this as soon as the papaya on my counter is a little riper!

  15. Rosemary

    Regarding the 3 cups oil–Read the recipe carefully. The 3 cups oil is used to make 1.25 quarts (5 cups) of dressing, then you only then use 3 cups of it. Don’t use the entire dressing recipe (1.25 quarts=5 cups) of dressing on the salad. I don’t know why the original recipe isn’t calculated for the amount needed for the salad. Everyone reads 3 cups oil and thinks that is too much, but you’re not pouring that entire amount on the salad. You’re making a lot of dressing (1.25 quarts=5 cups), then only using 3 cups of it.

  16. Kelly

    I’m a little confused here…are you eating Kale even though its bad for your thyroid?
    I found your site while doing thyroid research and have found so many conflicting things!

    • Hi Kelly,

      Any conflicting posts you have come across were posted BEFORE I discovered the link between particular foods and hypo-thyroidism. I do eat kale on occasion, but always make sure it is cooked since it is raw kale that poses a problem.

      Best of luck!

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