I choose to work with supplement companies whose quality is only of the highest standard.  I work with and recommend the following companies that offer high-quality testing and pharmaceutical-grade supplements.

Founded in 2011, Balanced Health was born out of the philosophy that when it comes to our health and our bodies, knowledge is power.  Balanced Health’s founder, Samantha Stupak, spent four years of her life sick in bed with Lyme disease. That experience inspired her commitment to natural health and helping others – particularly those with chronic health issues – find their path to a healthier, more fulfilling life. She developed an effective system of using Bioresonance testing of hair and saliva to identify bioenergetic stressors. I am proud to offer the full selection of Balanced Health tests designed to center in on specific stress, as well as a broad range of remedies.

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I always recommend starting with the Full Scan .

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I have gone YEARS without coffee because even decaf would send me into a tailspin of nausea and fatigue for an entire day.  I never thought I would have the enjoyment of coffee in my life again until I came across King Coffee.  I would have been happy just being able to drink coffee again even if there weren’t any physical benefits, but Reishi (ganoderma) is incredible.

King Coffee is organic coffee that is infused with Reishi spores.  Organo, the maker of King Coffee, has a patented process of harvesting the Reishi spores that makes them up to 80x more potent and bioavailable than other Reishi on the market.  I am able to drink this coffee because the spores modulate the caffeine response.

Organo is also hypervigilant about mycotoxins and tests all of their coffee for them.  If ANY mycotoxins show-up on the test, the coffee is rejected. 

I use the Reishi capsules daily as well.  See GENERAL IMMUNE SUPPORT section below for descriptions of each.

Samples – I realize that it can be nerve-wracking to try coffee again if you haven’t been able to have it for a long time.  I also understand that you may not want to commit to purchasing a whole box of coffee if you don’t know how you will feel after drinking it and that is why I sell sample packs.  

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Click HERE to learn more about the benefits of ganoderma.

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I teamed-up with Fullscript to offer my clients the ability to purchase high-quality supplements directly.  Counterfeit supplements have become a huge problem in the online marketplace, which makes it extremely important to order your supplements through a trustworthy source.

All products in the Fullscript catalog have zero markups which means they are sold at MSRP or lower, with no additional customs or duties to worry about!  I give a 15% account discount to everyone who signs-up under my dispensary. I also participate in all of the Fullscript sales, which means that a few times a year your discount will go up to 25% off.

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Many of you have heard me speak on Instagram about my respect for Cellcore Biosciences and their supplement technology, which is so far ahead of the game with their carbon technology.  If interested in purchasing Cellcore products, please contact me at gretchentseng (at) for more information.

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WholeScripts is the ONLY site that offers access to Xymogen products.  It too is an easy to use professional-grade nutritional and herbal dispensary. I offer a 15% discount on my dispensary; my referral code is FITQUEST.

Click HERE to access WholeScripts and register for an account.

I have also partnered with Microbiome labs who are the makers of my favorite gut health products.  You are now able to buy directly from Microbiome labs through my dispensary.  You may also purchase Microbiome Labs products through FullScript.

For those of you who do not regularly take probiotics, I encourage you to start with a bottle of RestorFlora.  Once you complete the bottle you may upgrade to the MEGAsporebiotic.

Please contact me with any product questions gretchentseng (at)

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*It is your responsibility to discuss all supplement protocols with your personal physician