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“Bija Omega Truffles are a rich blend of omega-3 & -6 fatty acids and premium organic ingredients from around the world such as Peruvian chocolate and cocoa butter, and Madagascar vanilla beans.¬† Infused with the ideal 2:1 ratio of essential fatty acids, each exquisite piece nourishes both body and Spirit.” – Flora

I have always had a love affair with chocolate.¬† I am embarrassed to say that nearly every¬†holiday when I was a kid ended with me doubled over on the couch writhing in pain from literally eating ALL of¬†the chocolate I was given (usually by 11am).¬† I know my parents and sister and laughing reading this…oh memory lane!

Maybe that is¬†why I have to be so careful with chocolate now.¬† If I have more than one piece of chocolate I am usually not able to sleep and I get restless legs…is it possible to use-up your lifetime quota of chocolate when you are a kid?¬† If so, then I¬†have gotten¬†pretty close to it.

While at the Natural Products Expo West I was given a few samples of BIJA Organic (99%) Dark Chocolate Truffles.¬† These truffles are made by¬†Flora Inc.,¬†and they incorporate Udo’s Oil blend directly into the truffle.¬† I can promise you that you can not taste the oil at all.¬† These truffles are VERY good and creamy.¬†

While the company currently offers three truffle flavors; dark, milk, and white¬†(they debuted 2 more non vegan flavors at the show; raspberry filled and green tea filled), the Dark Chocolate Truffle is the only vegan truffle they offer.¬† These are definitely a “treat” and I would advise only having one piece MAX per day (each bar comes with 4 small chocolate pieces inside).¬† As far as chocolate goes, the mix of omegas included in this chocolate truffle definitely ups the health factor.¬† These particular¬†bars should be kept refrigerated, but my favorite way to have chocolate is frozen…it lasts longer in your mouth!

The bars are available at health food stores and can also be purchase on line (click here to buy). 

images courtesy florahealth.com


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PRODUCT REVIEW – KeVita Probiotic Drink

I was given a sample of KeVita’s Mango Coconut Probiotic drink at the Natural Products Expo West and have become a real fan.¬†¬†I really enjoy the subtle fruit flavor of the drink and the yogurt essence that the probiotics and fermentation give it.¬† Since the drink is fermented it has a slight bubble to it, but not nearly as violent¬†as the carbonation¬†in soda.¬†¬†¬†

All of KeVita’s drinks are¬†raw, dairy free,¬†nut free, soy free, gluten free, and vegan.¬† Many of the drinks are organic as well.¬† Per KeVita:

Our first three flavors are certified organic, the coconut flavors are certified as made with organic ingredients, which means they are made with at least 70% organic ingredients. We use certified organic cold plant extracts, sweeteners, fruit purees, flavors and Certified Organic KeVita‚ĄĘ Culture.


What is KeVita‚ĄĘ?

KeVita‚ĄĘ is an organic probiotic superdrink.

KeVita‚ĄĘ is made using a fresh new approach. Water or tea is combined with Certified Organic KeVita‚ĄĘ culture, a blend of beneficial bacteria, healthy yeast cultures and a small amount of organic cane juice.

KeVita‚ĄĘ contains a highly absorbable strain of probiotics originating from kefir derived cultures. For thousands of years these cultures have been cherished for supporting beneficial digestive flora.

KeVita‚ĄĘ is…

  • filled with 20 billion naturally occurring live, active probiotics per bottle, at time of bottling
  • available in 6 luscious flavors
  • refreshing and thirst-quenching
  • 3 flavors certified organic, 3 flavors made with organic ingredients
  • dairy, gluten and soy free.
  • made with LOVE in small batches in Southern California

KeVita‚ĄĘ contains active cultures so keep refrigerated until ready to enjoy!

I have not tried their first three flavors (Lemon Ginger, Living Greens, and Green Tea), but have heard great reviews about those flavors as well.

I would definitely suggest giving these drinks a try…especially if you are a soda addict since this is a MUCH healthier alternative.

For more facts about KeVita click here.


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The Natural Products Expo West was a blast!  My friend and I walked the exhibits together which was a lot of fun (She is a yoga goddess and the owner of Om My Soul), and I was able to make some great contacts.  I tried so many products while at the expo and brought sooooooo many more home to try later.  This expo was crazy huge.

I was most surprised by how great all of the body care products were…we have come a LONG way in that arena!¬† I expected to go in to the expo and focus all of my time on food products, when in reality I ended-up¬†spending nearly¬†as much time investigating the body care¬†products.¬†

As I mentioned, I think I will be posting some¬†wonderful¬†food product reviews in the coming weeks, but I also must express some disappointment.¬†¬†As the day went on I became more and more bummed about¬†the fact that¬†so many¬†of the products at the expo¬†were being marketed as “healthy” when in fact they were (i.e.) just overly processed “organic” cookies.¬† Taking a cookie and making it organic or gluten-free¬†does not make the cookie healthy…it is still a sugar-laden processed cookie.¬† Products such as these will not solve our country’s health epidemic, rather they will exacerbate it because people will¬†begin eating these cookies or bars and probably eat MORE of them believing them¬†to be “healthy” (since that is how they are being marketed).

That being said, I did find some wonderful whole food products at the expo¬†that I¬†can’t wait to tell you about.¬† There are also some new and exciting fruit sweeteners coming into play.

Check out all of the loot I came home with…

I will start sampling some more of the products in the coming days.  I am going to need to spread this out since I am not the type to just take one bite and throw the rest away (wasting stinks!).  I must be one of the luckiest girls in the world!

If any of you were able to go to the convention I would love to hear from you.


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