NTP Training


We are not interested in treating disease, but rather restoring wellness.

– Gray Graham Founder of the NTA



I am inspired and ready to get back to regular blogging because I have so much I want to share with all of you.

At the beginning of the month I went back to school to become a certified NTP, which is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner.  I am LOVING the coursework and learning a ton (my head is swimming in a good way).  Sure, it is hard to balance family life (always #1), my business, and schoolwork, however what I am learning is making it all worth it.  At the end of June I will be fully certified and will be able to expand my practice.

Currently the majority of my clients are focused on aesthetics and helping them achieve their goals is extremely rewarding.  I will continue to offer those services, however my main focus will move toward wellness and how I can help people restore their health through nutrition.

I was drawn to the NTA’s belief that there is not one diet that is best for everyone, but that we need to focus on the bio individuality of each person and figure out what works best for their system.  Through Nutritional Assessments, hands-on Functional testing, and Lingual-Neuro testing I will be able to determine which body systems we need to focus on restoring and which vitamins and minerals are deficient.

You all know I have personally experienced the healing powers of nutrition and lifestyle changes.  I am beyond excited to join the movement by sharing this information with clients.  I am so grateful that I learned early on in my autoimmune diagnosis’ about the power of nutrition and truly look forward to paying it forward.

Get ready for more blogs to come…

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