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I FINISHED!!! – P90X as a Vegan

I am actually really proud of myself because a little over a week ago I finished Tony Horton’s¬†90 day P90X workout series!!!! ¬†I wholeheartedly recommend this workout program

I did not follow the nutrition plan because I am happy with my current nutrition.  I did however find a great resource for those who are vegan and want to follow the P90X nutrition plan.  Beach Body has a newsletter article specifying how to follow the nutrition plan as a vegan (click here for the article).

Through the years I have done a bit of everything when it comes to fitness…personal training with the amazing Vito La Fata who is the owner of Fitness Evolution (for 8+ years), pilates, yoga, running, swimming, you name it, and I have to say that P90X is an extremely well rounded workout.

I am kicking myself for not taking before and after pictures because it would have been fun to see the changes in photographic form.  The only pictures I have during this process were taken at the mud run when I was half-way through the program.  I can tell you that I have without a doubt gained muscle, increased my endurance, and improved my flexibility (which was pretty good to begin with).

So…I am going to give kudos to myself for sticking it out for 90 days. ¬†Trust me, it wasn’t always easy to make the time and sometimes I was literally getting my workout in at 10:30pm, but I did it because I made the¬†commitment¬†to myself. ¬†Take inventory of your life for 90 days and you will realize that A LOT goes on during that time. ¬†I powered through an episode of sick kids (ER visit and all), the Camp Pendleton Mud Run (the only day I missed my workout…I figured the Mud Run was a good substitute), the end of the school year (always insanely busy), my mom’s hip replacement surgery where I did my workouts in the hotel at night, and the beginning of Summer when the kids seem to always need to be entertained.

Have any of you done this program???  What did you think?


This week I began the 90 day¬†Metamorphosis¬†Omnicentric program by Tracy Anderson and the first three days I was limping because my calves were so sore (I consider this a good sign). ¬†I was smart and had my hubby take some “before” pictures which means I will actually get to see the changes with this workout series. ¬†Stay tuned in 90 days to see how I liked Metamorphosis…

P90X image courtesy of beachbody.com

Metamorphosis image courtesy of thetracyandersonmethod.com


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