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PRODUCT REVIEW – Potato Flyers

Uh oh…this is not a good one.¬† We sampled “The Original” flavor Potato Flyers.

I so wished that these snacks were as healthy as they are marketed to be (I love giving props to vegan and gluten free¬†snacks), but they just plain aren’t.¬† That being said, my daughter and husband liked them…I personally couldn’t get past how salty they are.¬†

Herein lies the problem; these snacks are almost 40% fat (I like to target 20%) and their sodium content is TWICE what it should be according to the guidelines I like to follow from Dr. John McDougall!

While these snacks do have less fat and calories than a regular bag of potato chips, this is still a snack I¬†personally can’t feel good about feeding to my family.¬†

To learn more about this snack click here.

Photo Credit shessmart.com

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