PRODUCT REVIEW – Potato Flyers

Uh oh…this is not a good one.  We sampled “The Original” flavor Potato Flyers.

I so wished that these snacks were as healthy as they are marketed to be (I love giving props to vegan and gluten free snacks), but they just plain aren’t.  That being said, my daughter and husband liked them…I personally couldn’t get past how salty they are. 

Herein lies the problem; these snacks are almost 40% fat (I like to target 20%) and their sodium content is TWICE what it should be according to the guidelines I like to follow from Dr. John McDougall!

While these snacks do have less fat and calories than a regular bag of potato chips, this is still a snack I personally can’t feel good about feeding to my family. 

To learn more about this snack click here.

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