When I went to the Natural Products Expo West I was fortunate enough to meet and spend a bit of time with New York Times best selling author Brenda Watson and her husband Stan, the founders of Renew Life.  I was contacted by representatives for Renew Life earlier this week and am being given the opportunity to try many of their products…I can’t wait to share my opinions about their cleanses, probiotics, and fiber products with you after I have completed them!

For those of you not yet familiar with Brenda, Brenda is a Certified Nutritional Consultant and is currently staring in her fourth PBS television special, The Road to Perfect Health – Balance Your Gut, Heal Your Body.  Brenda recently co-authored a book by the same name which is available with the top PBS pledge level.  I had a chance to thumb through the massive book while talking to Brenda and was impressed with the level of detail and organization found within the book which takes an individual look at the body’s major internal systems and over 50 common health conditions (I am a lucky girl in that I am also being sent the book!).

Both the PBS show and the book explain how digestive imbalances can lead to many illnesses outside of the digestive system. In the special Brenda offers natural solutions for bringing the body back into balance through both dietary and lifestyle changes:

Brenda explains how a multitude of factors in modern life can negatively impact the ability of the GPS to do its job including aging, antibiotics, yeast overgrowth, parasites, undigested food and unhealthy food choices, environmental toxins, and the long term use of antacids. The good bacteria in the gut support a variety of intestinal functions like synthesizing vitamins, producing digestive enzymes, helping with the absorption of nutrients, protecting the intestinal lining, supporting and stimulating the immune system, and enhancing the body’s own detoxification process. By balancing the gut, one can heal the body and build a strong foundation of good health”

In Brenda’s words, “As a nation, we’ve got serious digestion and elimination problems, but aside from the epidemic levels of digestive disorders and disturbances, Americans are also plagued with a host of autoimmune disorders and so-called diseases of civilization like chronic fatigue syndrome, high cholesterol, joint problems, anxiety, depression and diabetes. Since these afflictions do not take place in the gut, most people believe that digestive health is a separate entity from cardiovascular, psychological, and other types of health, but in truth, the gut is the root and core of our total general well being. It’s the place where food is broken down into the building blocks of our cells. It’s the first line of defense against invading pathogens and infectious diseases. It’s our protection against environmental toxins leaking into the bloodstream.”

You can visit for more information.  For show times in your area click here.  I think you will find the PBS show to be highly educational and worth your time.

For more information on Renew Life click here.


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12 responses to “BRENDA WATSON – Renew Life

  1. Jackson

    Really interesting and intriguing. Thanks.

  2. Erica

    Saw the PBS Special. I think Brenda’s great!
    She seems to really believe in what she is doing. After hearing her talk, I think I’m gonna try out one of the Probiotics.

  3. Kate

    What products did you decide to try from Renew Life? I’ve been looking at their website and it seems like they have a lot o great options, I don’t know what to pick!

    • I will be trying some of their fruit/fiber bars as well as:

      Heavy Metal Cleanse
      Cleanse Smart
      Para Gone
      Ultimate Flora Adult Formula
      Organic Clear Fiber

      I will also be getting a copy of Brenda’s “Road To Perfect Health” book. Since there are a few cleanses I will be trying, it will take me some time to do the reviews…I am sure I will do the reviews one product at a time 🙂

      Have a great day!


    • Ultimate Flora is a probiotic mix. Have a great Sunday!

  4. Amy

    Thanks for reading my Blue Plate Special post about the sweet potato! This post is great! I really need to look into getting that book. After all I’ve been through with little help from doctors, I believe many ailments can be eliminated by taking care of the digestive system.

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