PRODUCT REVIEW – Vega One Vegan Protein Shakes

I am sure most of you are familiar with Brendan Brazier’s Vega products (if not, click HERE to learn more). At the recent Natural Products Expo West I had the opportunity to try Vega’s newly improved Vega One all-in-one Nutritional Shake.

I really like this product. I am thoroughly impressed by how creamy it tastes when mixed with water (that’s a tall order for a vegan protein shake!). The new formulation has:

  • SaviSeed protein (in addition to pea, hemp, and sprouted brown rice protein)
  • Chia seed
  • Superfruits
  • More omega-3
  • Probiotics
  • Protein
  • Antioxidants
  • Greens
  • More servings per tub
  • Lower total per tub price

Vega One is also dairy, gluten & soy free in addition to being sugar free.

Available flavors:

  • Chocolate (my favorite)
  • Berry
  • Vanilla chai
  • Natural flavor

For more information about Vega One click HERE.


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152 responses to “PRODUCT REVIEW – Vega One Vegan Protein Shakes

  1. Can’t wait to try it! I like the Vega Sport Performance Protein in chocolate.

  2. I wasn’t a big fan of the original formula, but I am very curious about the new version. Too bad it’s so expensive… I know you’re paying for quality and I wouldn’t expect to pay less for such ingredients, but it does place this particular powder clear outside of my price range.

  3. Laurie

    I tried this and had a horrible allergic reaction – ended up in urgent care. I had never had an allergic reaction to something I had eaten before and I am 45. I gave the rest of my supply to my accupuncturist and when she tried it she had the same reaction! We both got hives all over our bodies. She had had the original version with no issues so it must be something in the new.

    • Oh my goodness…that is awful! I am glad I don’t have a problem with it. I wonder if you had some from a funky batch???

    • Tanya Sims

      Okay, Whew!!! so i thought it was just me. For a whole week i would drink Vega one and feel like my body was on fire, It did not hit me at first, and for what I paid for this I did not want it to be true. So I stopped using the product and today I tried it, and here comes the fire and hives. So Thank you for your post. I will save the rest of this for my uncle, and try something else. Again Thank Laurie!!!

      • Tanya Sims

        I did however like how it tasted and it mixed well with my almond milk. I am a little sad that I cant use the product.

    • Manouk


      I don’t think you had an allergic reaction, it was probably the Niacin in the powder, which makes you flush.

      • Craig

        Haha, how did you get “flushed” out of Tanya’s “fire and hives”. Tanya, you are allergic, good move finding a new product. Manouk, i pray your not in health care.

    • Theresa g.

      Hello. I tried the Vanilla chai flavor after using original for years. On an empty stomach with water. I became critically ill. Had to go to emergency and nearly died. No one could figure out why I became so sick and had multiple seizures. I threw away the product, Vega Vanilla Chai…..then opened my second one….New container though and had the same reaction. I sent the container back to Vega for testing since I felt it was dangerous to others. It took about 6 months but only after dedicated follow up was I told that there was nothing wrong with the product. I was only offered my money back on one container and a couple single serving paks. No explanation other than the product was fine. I nearly died.

      • Debbie

        OMG! This is scary. I had a reaction too, throwing up all night. I described my experience in Feb 2013. I wonder if Health Canada is aware. I’m surprised people are still getting so sick with this product.

      • Theresa

        Debbie I felt it was important to let Sequel Naturals know at the time. I did send the new container back to them for analysis. I probably called them for 6 months on a regular basis reminding them to give me a response. It was almost like they just wanted me to go away. They never paid for the ambulance costs. All I got was a Che questions for replacement of the new container I sent back. No replacement Che questions for the container I threw away. I just filed a report with the Federal Government last week because I saw a link on your website. It has been accepted. I gave permission to the Government to use my name and investigate with Sequel Naturals. The company was sold I believe and is now owned by an Asian man. The Government ordered a recall of their product and they refused to recall it. I think that they don’t want the losses. I was glad to find your comments. Now I know I’m not alone and it was DEFINITELY THE VEGA that made me critically ill both times. I think it is the flavors other than original. I also hear they quietly changed the formulation.

      • Debbie

        I had a horrible reaction as well and was violently I’ll. I have had salmonella food poisoning in the past that wasn’t as bad as this. I have heard that if someone has an allergy to savi seed that reactions are violent so maybe that was it? Needless to say , I will never drink these shakes again.

      • Allison

        I got ill from a Vega drink the other day. It had spirulina in it. I have also gotten sick from chlorella. Phenylalanine is in blue green algae which is what both spirulina and chlorella contain. Pku is a condition where people can’t digest phenylalanine. I have no idea if I or you have pku, but I just started researching this Saturday! I also have an autoimmune disease and it says on the internet all over to not consume either spirulina or chlorella when you have one. Just letting you know what I have found.

      • Erika

        I also had a seizure after consuming the coconut almond vega one product; 2 tablespoons mixed in water.

    • Theresa g.

      Laurie i have posted my experience here after reading about yours….i had a near death experience after an allergic reaction to Vega One too. My email is:

      • Debbie

        Wow Theresa, I didn’t know that there is a place to file a complaint with the Federal government. It would be great if you could send me the link. I know that you indicated above that you received the link from my website. I don’t have a website and I suspect that you might have gone to a website for another person with the name Debbie. Nevertheless, I would like to have that link so that I could consider filing a complaint also so that others don’t have the same reaction that I experienced. Also, you seem to have a lot of background information about this company. Thanks for sharing what you have found with the company. This is very informative. Thanks again Theresa.

    • Dawn P

      I had a bad reaction as well to Vega….ended up in the hospital, couldn’t move my arms, was throwing up, felt so unwell like never before. Still never found out what it was from exactly. But it made me very very sick.

      • laura

        I’m sorry you also experienced this horrible re-action. I just spoke with the customer service department as I had a similar experience as well. First time to vomit in my 57 years (as well as the runs.. sorry to be so descriptive). She advised that there is so much fibre and special healthy ingredients that have a cleansing effect which can cause this reaction to clean out your body. Lucky for me, it only lasted 1 1/2 hrs though I got dizzy due to the weakness towards the end and fell, almost breaking my jaw (I now have a massive bruise on my face and try to explain this as strangers look at you like you are an abused woman). I permanently lost 5 pounds (seriously) as this is 4 days later and I have not put the weight back on. It cleaned me out completely. They told me to take it back to Zehr’s for a full refund. They have advised all retail outlets to accept returns as they are aware of this re-action. Hope you are feeling better. I’m on the mend now. Enjoying my own natural parsley, cucumber, pineapple and half banana smoothie right now..

      • d

        I just had a very bad reaction today several hours after drinking Vega One chocolate- hours of vomiting, diarrhoea and extreme leg, feet and arm cramps. There should be warnings on this product.

      • Dawn Palmerley

        A rep from Vega told me that maybe my reaction was from their pea protein because they use it as a filler and people can have a reaction to it. Either way I will never use vega products again.

    • Sebastian

      The product: — should be removed from the shelves and reported to Health Canada. It got me seriously sick for days, still not recovered. tried twice.Ive never had such allergic toxic reactions such as this. twice tried 2 too many. my advice…. stay away from this stuff… dangerous… seriously… scary stuff… never tried a protein mix and thought this was all natural and vegan and would be great…. BIG MISTAKE… short of landing in ER….eat real food.. skip this chemical concoction.. crap. $$$ wasted too..Veggie Evaluation– Grossly Aware….was compelled to share a comment from my personal experience which may save someone else from having such an adverse toxic reaction…If it works for you great more power to you…Consider reading people’s reactions before ingesting…Buyer beware…Take care..

      • Mary

        I also had a very bad reaction to the Vega Protein and Greens sold at Costco. I just finished a 21 day cleanse through my chiropractor. I felt great and wanted to continue with the shakes but his were very expensive so I saw the Vega at Costco and gave it a try. At first I thought it was great so creamy and delicious. Then I had a rude awakening ! My throat and stomach were on fire I think because of the acid my body was producing since the ” clean out “. Its been 5 days since I have had a shake and my throat is burning from acid production. I have had many , many different protein shakes and eat a very clean diet so I know that it was this product. My husband can have it and feel fine so it has something to do with me and an allergic reaction to something in here.
        Be Careful !

      • laura

        I finally reported this to Health Canada and they are on it. I feel bad having to do so however after getting sick a year ago and my daughter a few weeks ago, I thought it best make the report. There are over 100 complaints that we are aware of. How many where people don’t know why they are sick and blame it on food poisoning.

    • Jennifer

      I had the EXACT SAME REACTION. Horrible vomiting and got hives. I didn’t put together that it was the powder until I went to take it again. Took only a few sips and was rushing to save for later and had a less severe reaction (cause I consumed less). Exact same symptoms. I have never has a reaction like this to anything, very scary. Don’t buy this unless you have tried a very small amount first and really be careful. I missed two days of work and threw up for 2 hours straight. Not worth the risk! Going back to my Whey.

      • jane

        I have tried the Vega One protein shake twice and got violently ill. Severe vomoting, diarrhea, fever and muscle aches. My body felt like it was on fire. Today, after working out, my daughter gave me a protein bar (Vega) and had the same reaction. This product should be banned or at the very least have warning label. I have never been so violently ill.

    • Christian

      Yeah it happened to me and felt high for hours. Nothing harmful but that high in my head was kinda discomfort.

  4. MnM

    I have bought this in chocolate & i cant get over the taste. It is quite bad that i will chug it with my nose plugged and when im done i gag a bit after i unplug my nose. Do you have any ways to make it so i can drink this?
    thanks so much

    • Hi Mary-Margaret… Maybe the product just isn’t for you. I would suggest returning it to the store where you purchased it vs. trying to force yourself to drink it. Sometimes certain products just don’t suit our tastes. Have a great week!

    • KarenG

      I got the chocolate &It was way too sweet for my husband and I. I doubled the almond milk, added frozen banana and strawberries along with ice…then we both really enjoyed it.

  5. Tina

    I am not a vegan or vegiterian. I am leaning this way. I grew up on dairy and meat. Found out I was allergic or intolerant to Dairy a few years back when I did allergy testing. (I have not gone in antifaltic shock or have an epi pen, just take benedryl when I need to.) I took dairy out of my system and when i introduced it back into my system, I could tell a difference. So I am taking dairy and soy out of my diet. (With soy I have the same symptoms that I have with Dairy). This let me to find a protein powder, to help with the protein I am not getting. I was lucky when I went to Sprouts and found a knowledgable person to help me in my quest. She told me about Vega One and I purchased the Unflavored one. I do green smoothies and put it in them. I have a gag reflex, related to smells. So the first one I made, I had to hold my nose and drink it fast. I even tried it with Silk Dark Almond Milk and had to do the same thing. I perfer it in the green smoothie and I do two scoops, that way I get 100% of good stuff in my diet. It is getting better.

  6. I love this product with lots of ice and a little vanilla flavoring! The only bad thing is the price!

  7. brittany

    dont buy!! the most disgusting beverage ever! I tried the berry shake and it looked like vomit. It was very thick and and tasted horrible, I am a health freak and understand that protein shakes are not supposed to taste amazing, buy this was intolerable!

  8. If you compare the new formula to the old it has half the nutrient/vitamin content for the same price & less product!

  9. JPR

    I found the chocolate tasted quite good actually, it tasted more like a natural lower sugar cocoa chocolate rather than the sugar laden milk chocolate.

    • Dee Pazzazz

      I like the chocolate taste as well. I mix it with berries (frozen) and a tangerine with water (no milk products). Goes down smooth.

  10. Carrie

    This product made me very, very ill. It has been months since I stopped taking it and I’m still recovering. Here’s a link to many other people suffering serious side effects so buyer beware.

    • Krob

      Hi Carrie,
      If you don’t mind me asking, what were your symptoms? And how long did it take to get back to normal after stopping vega one?

  11. Ricki

    Buyer Beware: If you read the small ( of course) print warning on the container, you discover that to avoid negative side effects, it is advised you start with one quarter scoop and build to more over WEEKS! Unaware, I started full scoop, have every side effect and have worse symptoms than the ones I took the powder to cure. The small print calls it a “cleanser” not a protein powder. For those of you who are sensitive or using products for help with chronic conditions, WATCH OUT!

    • Laura

      I agree. I tried a small container of the powder and it was fine with my old brand of rice milk. I bought a second larger container and tried it with the new rice milk, had a reaction and thought it was the sushi from the night before. Tried it again with the new rice milk, had another reaction and thought it was the rice milk. Tried this morning, weeks later, with a milk I know is fine and this is the third time I’m having a reaction of extreme heat, nausea and diarrhea. I have to lie down and suck down pepto bismal (the only thing that combats this). Yuk!

  12. Marivi

    As I drink my Vega shake- berry with water mixed, my 2 year old son looks at me and smiles and says “shake!”. He wants my Vega, he loves it. It is definitely something to get use to, but now my body craves it, for those getting sick from it- maybe you should find out what you are allergic to? Vega is not processed, has great ingredients and is REALLY good for you. And for those who say its expensive, yes, it is. BUT I get mine always on sale, the one I am drinking from now was 50% off and I have a stock of 2 more. If you join the email club and looks at the emails once in a while they have sales at least 25% off. If you don’t like the taste, natural and chocolate are NOT the way to go. Chai vanilla and berry are your best bet, start out with a HALF of a scoop for a while. And mix with a banana, almond milk, frozen blueberries and ice. Eventually you will acquire a taste for it. I believe you can’t just go head on with Vega, it’s a lot of “good stuff” for your body at one time.

  13. Ana Malena

    I just try vegan one berry last night for the first time after my workout. Well I didn’t like how it taste but the worse was when I was trying to sleep and couldn’t cuz it give it me to much energy and it keep up all night . Today I have to take something to help me recuperated my sleep and stay all day in bed witch I am not to happy about it. After this bad experience I would not take this protein ever again. I’m very disappointed… 🙁

  14. Ana Malena

    I hope someone can help me and give me some anwers of why I couldn’t sleep after taking this protein vegan one berry. Thank you!

  15. monica

    I love this product, but am bummed out that the nutritional/vitamins value has decreased. This needs to be re-evaluated.

  16. Debbie

    I purchased the Vega One chocolate all in one shake so that I could have a shake before a work or for recovery after a work out. I definately like the taste. The first time I tried it, it did not appear to digest properly. I thought I just needed to adjust to it and tried it again. This second time resulted in a horrible experience. I threw up the entire night and now 3 days later as I write this review, my digestive system is still sensitive and I feel wosy. Hoping that no one else has this reaction.

  17. Carolyn Mulholland

    Is this product ok for pregnant women and children. I can’t see why; but just thought I’d ask.

  18. Tera

    Arbonne has a Vegan, gluten-gree Protein shake using pea protein in combination with cranberry & rice protein which make a perfect amino acid=perfect protein. Tastes good, no side effects that I know of. I recommend it:) Vanilla or Chocolate.

  19. Tarahumara

    Vega One is NOT sugar-free. It merely doesn’t have any *ADDED* sugar.
    … I like the chocolate; a distant second is the vanilla chai.

  20. Lindsay Turtle

    I love this product! I especially love the chocolate. I make green smoothies and it does the best job of covering up the disgusting vegetable taste. Too bad I got pregnant and had to stop using it. The label says that pregnant or nursing women should contact a physician before using so I’m gonna ask my midwife about it at my next appointment and hopefully she’ll give the go-ahead. I miss it!

  21. Babaljit juj

    I’m pregnant with 3 month can I take (vega one vegan protein shakes) it’s recmanand for for me plz tell me…?

  22. Sophia Normantas

    Used the Vega dietary supplement and Vega sport “recovery” products & have gotten horribly sick with flu-like symptoms after consuming. Had high hopes as the ingredients seem exactly what I’m looking for in a shake mix, but something is not right in these products. Thought I was personally having an allergic reaction, but from looking at other reviews online, I’m not alone in my experiences.

  23. My 8 year old dairy allergic son recently had a life-threatening allergic reaction after eating 1/4 of a Vega One bar. So much for a special treat for him! Nothing worse than seeing my little guy get violently ill after assuring him it was a ‘safe treat’. This company needs to come clean! Why are so many people having allergic reactions to their supposedly safe products?????

  24. Michelle

    What the hell is wrong with this stuff!!! First tub was fine 2nd tub. Every serving has made we wickedly sick!!! This last time I actually sweat and flushed. I have done protein shekels in the morning for 20 years, never had a reaction like this. I thought,”Na the protein isn’t making me feel like this?” And sure enough I get online and there are way to many comments to make anyone in their right mind spend $65 on it! Absolutely terrible!!!!

    • Hi Michelle, have you ever tried the Arbonne shakes before? They are vegan as well, and used as a meal replacement. I would be more than happy to set you up with a sample if you are interested.

  25. A lot of people are saying that they are having “allergic” reactions to the Vega One products (Savi Seed). You guys are not having allergic reactions, you’re having side effects.

    I’ve used this product numerous times without any reactions, you have to start with it slowly if you are not used to the ingredients.

    • Erin

      Twice now I have eaten the Vega one protein sports bar and have become violently sick – vomiting, diarrhea, head ringing, fever. This is more than “side effects”. Feels exactly like food poisoning – stuck in the bathroom for hours with it coming from both ends. Something is seriously wrong with this product. Health Canada will be hearing from me on this.

      • Elaine

        Health Canada has ordered Vega to recall a contaminated product and they refuse to comply. The company has had three product recalls in less than a year. Savi seed also has produced numerous side effects in people. There is serious issues with this company.

  26. Hello, I took the Chocolate Vega smoothie mix and halved the portion in attempts to assist in feeling better post-surgery. I had a wicked, burning rash on most parts of my body, never experienced this or any kind of allergic reaction to food in my 48 years. I went to see the doctor and he informed me that; I am having an ALLERGIC reaction to something (only new food item was the Vega smoothie). When I arrived home my roommate informed me he too had a reaction to this smoothie. This product I will stay far away from.

  27. Lisa

    A Vega One booth was at my local Whole Foods yesterday and I bought a package of the Vanilla Protein smoothie. Drank it at 5:30 am and had explosive diarrhea by 8 am. That followed by feeling crazy sick but I still went to work and hoped for the best. Made it half way there when I vomited violently. I made it home, had more explosive diarrhea and am sitting here with stomach cramps. I think I’m due for more vomiting. Thanks, Vega One! (And a big WTH Whole Foods for selling this crap?)

    • Theresa G.

      I have written here the other day, I almost died from the product. Had eaten nothing else, drank it with water, then jumped in the car to go to a luncheon. I had severe uncontrollable vomiting and diarrhea AT THE SAME TIME on the floor of the ladies bathroom floor (not the toilet) while I had seizures and could not control myself…..I was put on a stretcher and continued to have seizures etc. in the ambulance and at the hospital…..I almost died from heart problems during my convulsions and seizures. I couriered the product to Sequel Naturals for an analysis…..they put me off for 6 months; said product was fine. I actual had this happen to me the first time, threw out that large canister of Vega One, it was flavored, not original….opened my 2nd container and had it happen AGAIN!!!!!!!! I mentioned I sent the container into Sequel Naturals. It was the 2nd container. Both times I had not introduced anything else into my system but an apple….there is something dangerous going on. I have used the original GREENS flavored one for years, no problem. It was the Vanilla Chai and Berry favors. Beware. This product nearly killed me. I was put off for half a year only to br reimbursed oft one container. I had thrown out the first one. The company DOES NOT WANT TO ACKNOWLEDGE a problem or even pay for my ambulance. I feel they had just hoped they would “wear me out” by delaying and delaying and delaying. It’s just not good business practices for a health based company to ignore dangerous side effects. I don’t think they care about anything but profits.

  28. Insignata. Anteua

    After trying it for three weeks, my usually normal blood glucose shoot up critically. I stopped using it and now my blood sugar is back to normal.

    • Hi there,
      I am not sure if anyone who has posted here has tried Arbonne’s vegan protein shakes. They have 20g of protein and 23 vitamins & minerals per serving. They can be used as a meal replacement. I have only a few samples left, and I would be more than happy to send them to anyone here who would like to try them because it would mean the world to me if I could be the one to help you find a protein powder you know & love, and that doesn’t critically harm you.

      Any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.

  29. I’m not actually sure why your blood glucose would shoot up as that IS NOT a result of natural sugars but rather “added” sugars such as glucose, sucrose, etc. Natural sugars do not raise your sugar levels only added sugars. There are NO added sugars in Vega Chai (I can’t speak for the othhers but I’m sure it follows suit). I know this for a fact because I just saw my Naturpathic Dr. 4 days ago and that is what he confirmed during our conversation about sugars. I drink the Chai version all the time, have been for one year, have never had any type of a problem. I use 1.5 tbsp with 1.5 cups of Almond Milk, 1 tbsp nut butter, 1 tsp cacao nibs (raw chocolate with no sugar), 1 tsp maca powder, 1 tbsp hemp seeds and some type of fruit (a banana, blueberries, etc.). Love it! I find it filling and have many friends who use the Vega One Chai daily with never a problem. (Nutritional Data: 330 Calories, 6.5 grams of fibre, a whopping 19.5 grams of protein and only 1.5 grams of natural (not added) sugars)

  30. Sandra

    Never been so sick in my life. I experienced the most violent vomiting that I never knew could happen. Happened last night about six hours after I used 1/2 scoup in my banana smoothie. Still not back to normal today although my nausea is gone now I just have a headache. Shame on me for thinking the first time I used Vega chocolate Performance Protein that it was just coincidental that I became sick.

  31. Katy Aldrich

    I just started using the Vega One Chocolate yesterday. I am not a fan of the taste, but it is tolerable when mixed into a smoothie with one tbsp of peanut butter, 1/2 cup of non-fat plain greek yogurt, 1 cup of Silk Pure Almond Original milk and 1/2 cup of quick oats. I have not really noticed any side effects or reactions other than diarrhea, though I tend to get that a lot due to my GI problems. I will keep track of how I feel after drinking it to see if the diarrhea thing is just a normal gut flare or if its a reaction and repost with an update.

    • Jordice

      I tried vega one protein powder last summer and vomited so much afterwards – thought I was allergic to it – then a couple months ago bought a smoothie in a health food restaurant not thinking or even knowing it was vega one – threw up so called restaurant to ask what brand they use – it was vega one – today I tried one bite only of vega one protein bar – the ingredients are a lot different so thought I would try one – threw up again – still laying down right now – something very disagreeable in their products – would like to know .

      • Hey, I’m not sure if you saw my post above, but I am an Arbonne consultant and would love to help you with your issue & find a source of protein (powder or bar form) that gives you what you are looking for. If you are open to this, please click on my website link listed with this comment to fill out a Fit Form which will help me determine how to best be of service.

        Everyone interested is welcome to do so.
        xo Warm regards,

      • Sorry, the link didn’t post. Please feel free to contact me and I will send it to you.

  32. Andrew Cormier

    this product also made me feel sick I through it away after reading I was not the only one. Shame on this company for there stupidity and ignorance will probably get someone killed. Made me feel like I was going to die also had a body on fire reaction and its not the niacin since I have taken a niacin supplement and its a totally different feeling. It felt like it had clogged up my intestines and my stomach had a burning feeling since I took it and took several days to go away.
    I would never buy a product from this company again and they should cut there losses and shut the factory down that makes it.

  33. Dr. Anne Tucker

    I am so sorry about your experience and thank God you are alive. I also vomited violently after using the Vega Products on two different occasions. The formula had changed and now has chemicals in it. Brendan (the founder) of this product should be ASHAMED!

    • Kelly

      I have a comment to share as well…I used Vega One last year and absolutely loved it! Just the regular vanilla flavor. The added probiotics and fibre worked well with my digestive system…like I said, VERY pleased with it.
      I recently purchased another jar about a month ago. The new improved version. I blamed it on possible stomach flu in the area, not enough to eat that day at work and too many fluids after work. I too missed a day of work and was violently ill. Came on fairly quickly and only lasted maybe 3-4 hours.
      So I thought I would try it again this morning. Big mistake! Missed another day of work and have been resting now all day after being violently ill again all morning 🙁
      I’m assuming whatever they did to their formula is what the problem is, for I have no known allergies and had absolutely nothing but great results with the old formula! It’s nice to see that I am not the only one. Thinking of returning it the store hoping for at least a partial refund since this product is pretty expensive. Good luck my fellow fitness friends! Be safe 🙂

      • Katie

        My son tried one of their Vegan bars 2 years ago and within 10 minutes, was foaming at the mouth, passing out and having a major allergic reaction!
        I contacted the company and all they could focus on was me returning the unused portion of the bar, which I had already thrown out, not thinking clearly at the time my son became violently ill, to save it.
        Why is this product still on the market?

  34. Heather

    I just had the same reaction as all of you, I had about 10 shakes in the past and the last two times I have vomited about an hour and a half later, never been so sick!

  35. Debbie

    Today, had the mixed berry shake with water, tasted good…. however within an hour I was violently sick, throwing up for at least an hour, I almost made my way to the ER. 🙁 This is not the first time, for I have tried other plant protein powders. I wish I knew what was in them to cause such a reaction, I’m done.

    • Just had the same problem ! I tried some at whole foods last week and I bought the natural one ! I had just a sample and 2hrs later I was sick! I thought it was something else. Today my husband made a protein drink of it and I did not know he used it ! Bam within a hr. I was on the floor ! I thought I was going to die fever, chills cold sweat etc. I am glad I figured out what it was I was going to take it after a surgery ! I email the company ….let’s see if it takes 6 months for a response! Bad karma!

      • Andree

        Really concerned about all the posts I read of people getting sick over this product. I too was sick. The first time, I had a protein bar during dance class. When I got home, I felt sick and threw up a couple times but thought nothing of it. A couple days later, after a late workout, I make myself one smoothie with V1 Performance Protein. I go to bed. Start getting sick in the middle of the night. Threw up a couple times, went back to sleep… then woke up with stronger nausea and a violent pain in my stomach that stretched from my collar bones to my knees, all the way through my back. Barely made it to the bathroom. Spent the night on the bathroom floor, throwing up in regular intervals, miserable with that pain not letting up. Had I not left my phone in my bed (which was impossible for me to get as I could hardly make it from the floor to the can as it was), I would probably have called 911! I think the pain exhausted me to sleep, and finally passed (couple of hours later). I don’t really have food allergies or intolerances that I know of, and seeing how many people have detailed some of the same symptoms, I figure it has to be something in the product that doesn’t agree with quite a large % of people…

      • Sam

        Wow I just bought this Vega proteins and greens powder from Costco.
        Drank some before sleep. 4 hours later I had an extreme cold sweat! Wow

  36. Nj

    I am 5 weeks pregnant and I’ve had 3 servings of vega one. Should I be worried? I saw the label after my 3rd serving. Also had the energy drink too. I’m worried about miscarrying.

  37. trevor

    Tried vega one oh natural shake.. full scoop once a day for two days.. it is the 5th day since the first scoop.. I felt ill starting day 205the with general malaise. The next day.. low appetite.. lots of wind and belching whenever I ate something. I still can’t stomach much without feeling nauseous and belching to feel better. Will this end? Should I be seeking treatment? How long before you others started feeling better? A week? Should I take something to clear out my gi tract?

  38. Renee

    I’ve been vegetarian for 40 years ~ vegan for the past 20. I normally use RawFusion protein shake. I tried the Vega One for the first time today. Within minutes, I felt nauseated. Now I have terrible pains, feel dizzy and
    as if I have the flu.
    It’s disgusting that we are paying so much for a product that is making so many people sick.
    I wish I had found this site before trying this product.

    • janine Evans

      Ok Guys —– I ran out of my own LEAN Protein that I sale – Always feel good with my LEAN . I went to the store Sprouts Farmers Market & thought I would try this Vega Smoothie Pouch Berry’s & 2 days not felt good at ALLL – I had woke up with stomach pains this morning (never experience it) – So I thought I would re-evaluate this Vega Smoothie Pouch Berry’s 2 days now. After reading all these BLOGS – I am DONE – NO MORE .. taking it back.. to the store. I feel so SICK right now leaning over my desk with stomach pains – applying a heating element – What the heck is this crap – Taste Horrible – I should of known my Senses on what it look like in my smoothie blender – GROSS – VERY GROSS.
      Janine Evans
      Can’t wait until my order comes in from Utah – I have been using LEAN Protein now 5 years – I know what Good Protein is LEAN – never made feel like this – This is horrible… I am telling you. I am done.

      • Theresa g.

        Janine I almost died using the product. I wasnt sure what had caused me to have seizures….kinda talked myself out of believing it was the Vega product. It was the berry flavor. I had used Original plain flavor for years….I had to be hospitalized I threw outthe whole container. ($65.00) but had already purcjased a 2nd container so opened up that one…..took the product on an empty stomach with a banana. Same thing happened. I forced myself to vomit repeatedly because I was scared and did not want to go back to the hospital. I complained to the company. Shipped the product back to them. They never got back to me. It took 6 months until I finally had it and told them that. They finally said they would send me a cheque to reimburse me for the container I shipped back. Did not reimburse me for the ambulance. Nothing else. A lousey $65 bucks. It took about 8 months total to get the stupid cheque. I complained to the FDA and regulators as well. I wrote here too. I told the FDA that they could call me and use me in an investigstion. I did not want anyone else to suffer or possibly die from this product. I have been told by friends who know Brendan Frazier that he sold the company to an Asian guy. I think he changed the formula possibly. I have never had a problem with the original flavor. That being said. I did almost die. Twice. Very very scary product. I cant believe this is still happening. Sincerely, Theresa. Thanks for writing and warning others. Call the company: Sequel Naturals and complain. Their number is: 1-604-473-3734. Ask for Sherrie. Or Emma. Their address is: Unit 33, Meridian Road, Port Coquitlam, B.C. Canada V3C6G5.

      • Laura

        I had the same experience back in March within 2 hours of having the Vanilla Chai – hour and half of solid both ends. Called the company and they told me return it to the Zehrs….. with no questions asked…. and no questions were asked. Received my full refund of 65.00. It’s too bad because it has great potential to be a great product.

  39. Mandy

    I am so glad to learn I am not the only one to have had a reaction to this product! Tried the vega one shake and landed in hospital with severe cramping of the stomach. Tried a different time and same thing happened. So concerned with this product. Hospital physician said to stay away from vega all together, and that it was considered bad to take.

  40. dan

    Yet another bad reaction: My wife used this repeatedly (spaced apart by weeks) and had severe committing, with long-lasting sickness thereafter. It took 3 instances before we deduced that it was the Vega (then web-searched and found so many similar stories of similar symptoms). Although the ingredients look fine, there must be some contaminant to prompt such bad reactions from so many people. Very bad stuff.

  41. dan

    Yet another bad reaction: My wife used this repeatedly (spaced apart by weeks) and had severe Vommitting, with long-lasting sickness thereafter. It took 3 instances before we deduced that it was the Vega (then web-searched and found so many similar stories of similar symptoms). Although the ingredients look fine, there must be some contaminant to prompt such bad reactions from so many people. Very bad stuff.

  42. C Morley

    I am comforted and horrified by the overwhelming amount of comments describing the exact experience I have had with Vega products. Threw up VIOLENTLY on a Vega Sport Protein Bar and after a Vega One shake… put it together that it was not a stomach virus… but Vega. WOW. The company is clearly selling a dangerous product. Now I enjoy PGX Organic Vegan Protein Bars. They are WONDERFUL!!

  43. evan

    I’ve just tried the vega one after a workout and I too am feeling really dizzy. that will be the first and last time I use this product!

  44. winwil

    The Vanilla Chai has made me very very sick. I was vomitting with severe stomach cramps. I did not get sick the first couple of times I used it, and that why I did not believe that it was making me so very sick. I confirmed that the product made me very very sick.

  45. jeniese

    I love this stuff, so much energy. It gives me a bit of the runs, but if I drink ALOT of water like it tells me to, I don’t have any side effects. It’s a cleansing shake… You need to drink tons of water, or you get dehydrated.. I think you people are showing symptoms of dehydration.

  46. I really find this all so interesting. I’ve been using this product for over 2 years, I’m guessing both the “old” and the “new” versions. I’ve never had a reaction of any type, ever. It’s alarming to hear but I’m wondering if there are many people who have had no reaction either but never post. I’m not sure that the product is “bad” but more likely there is something in it that is affecting people, something you don’t usually consume with other products. I always thought myself lactose intolerant as I have obvious negative reactions to drinking milk. I got tested and found out that I’m not – very interesting – but my Dr. said it’s probably something in the milk, not the milk itself. Maybe a preservative? That would totally make sense! Anyways, just trying to make a point. Hope that helps someone. If everyone was having reactions, there wouldn’t be any people like me loving it and using it.

    • As a side note, I’ve used all different flavors (chocolate, original, vanilla chai – my favorite actually), their protein bars and their energy bars. NEVER a reaction. Interesting…..

  47. Erin

    Arboone shakes having same effect on me. I lost weight between the shakes and vomiting. Its a shame I wasted my money. I won’t do that again. The arboone chocolate is nasty taste too.

  48. renee
    the above reviews that are from people who got sick..could have gotten it from these lots..i had read this from another blog about the recall but all the other reviews were very favorable..i haven’t tried it yet..i bought it today at gnc..and it was a one get one 50% off..and it was any meal replacement shake..mix and I didn’t think it was expensive..i am a former Shaklee shake user..that was expensive but..i will say ..never made me sick.

  49. Helpful information. Lucky me I discovered your site by accident, and
    I’m shocked why this accident did not happened earlier!
    I bookmarked it.

  50. Julie

    Concerned… Had two shakes the past two days and felt completely sick/ lethargic. Have there been any answers as to why there have been negative reactions?

  51. Andrea

    I think the problem might be the sacha inchi seeds.

    I have had two separate major reactions to VEGA products. The first, their sacha inchi seeds, the second, their all-in-one nutritional shake (french vanilla). I’ve volunteered at a yoga studio that sells many of their products and have sampled most of their energy bars. My first reaction was after eating a large bag of sacha inchi seeds – yes, it was gluttonous (and mighty delicious!). I woke up in the middle of the night with severe intestinal pain and began vomiting violently (all of the blood vessels in my face burst from the force, kind of like of a speckled sun-burn). I was vomiting was forcefully and regularly that my boyfriend took me to emergency at the hospital. Nothing was found to be wrong. I assumed I had come into contact with fiesty sweat-loving coli-like bugs at the yoga studio.

    I continued to eat their energy bars, which do have sacha inch seeds, and experienced mild nausea which in time, disappeared.

    I later bought the all-in-one protein powder, eased into it slowly (as the label directs), drank plenty of water every time, and experienced nausea which dissipated over time. Fast forward to today, I haven’t consumed the product in a while and made myself a simple shake today and became very ill (nausea, diarrhea, would likely have thrown up had I not induced sleep).

    This sounds to be like the symptoms of an allergic reaction to sacha inchi. With small, repeated exposure the body adapts but when reintroduced after a period of absence the reaction reoccurs forcefully.

    Sacha inchi seeds are a specialty item we are not likely to eat unless we seek them out, or consume through Vega products. Perhaps, it is the seeds itself, or something they’ve been in contact with from the soil and specific growing conditions….

  52. h paoletti

    I’m shocked that this is still on the market. .. after many years of using protein shakes almost daily-I thought I’d try this new one.
    Everything seemed in line with what I’ve had in the past-except perhaps the pea protein and mushroom.
    each day I’d consume I would have an escalating migraine that kept me in serious pain and throwing up.
    I did not try to contact the company seeing that I had occasional migraines anyway… but after these reviews- I’m sure that was the cause. Haven’t had one since stopping the drink mix.
    proceed with caution!

  53. White

    I have been using this product for a couple of months, the vanilla flavour, and mix with almond milk, couple table spoons of greek yogurt and 1/2 a banana.
    For the past three to four weeks I have been getting very dizzy and lightheaded. I had blood work done and see my Doctor tonight. I will be taking this product with me for his review after reading the comments.

  54. Aliza

    Bought a container at Costco last month when it was on sale. Was using it in my smoothies every morning. For over a week, I was very very ill. Then I ended up at the doctors and immediately sent to the ER. I didn’t use it for the last couple weeks as trying to get my stomach better since I was so so sick. Used it again this morning as don’t want it to go to waste and am violently ill to my stomach again. I don’t have any allergies or any issues with any type of food products. Never have I been this sick. Please advise where I can file a complaint as I will follow up with the medical lab and my doctor now to determine what is in this that is causing these violently ill symptoms. I will return for a full refund, but that doesn’t help with the ER bills.

  55. Ann W.

    They were offering samples of Vega One All-In-One Shakes at Whole Foods last week. I tried them and thought they tasted good. Decided to buy a small container and some single serve packets (all on sale). I drank a shake for 4 consecutive days. On that 4th day, I started to feel sick. Diarrhea and feverish. I stopped drinking the shakes on Tuesday morning. I was so cold and clammy the entire day. Achy. Felt like a fever. I slept 10 hours that night and my fever broke overnight. Still have diarrhea and it’s Friday. Have been eating 1/3 to 1/2 of what I normally do because my body just can’t handle that much food at a time. I’ve still (miraculously) worked out the past two days, but it makes the diarrhea worse. Any idea how long these symptoms will last? I’m calling m doctor today. Not sure what she can do, but wondering if something happened in my gut due to ingredients in the shake. I’ve had some bacterial infections last fall/early winter and really don’t want a recurrence. Who would have thought buying something so healthy would cause so many problems?!

  56. Alexandra

    Been drinking Vega protein and Vega One for a couple of weeks now and it just recently clicked with me that it may be these products that have been making my body feel unwell. I’m glad I found this board to see that so many other people are getting sick too. I have Celiac disease and thought maybe I had accidentally consumed gluten. I haven’t experienced vomiting or severe stomach pain but I’ve been feeling extremely lethargic and have had intestinal discomfort for a couple of weeks. I think I’m going to avoid making my shakes with this for a week or so and see if I feel better

  57. Di

    I also purchased this for the first time and have broken out in hives. Also, the taste is horrible! Had no problem with Isalean shakes.

    • Cheryl majors

      I am currently in the ER right now because of this product. I drank it this morning and 30 mins later I felt like my throat was closing. It was hard to swallow and to breathe. I left work and ran here , to the emergency room. Had to get epinephrine shot, prednisone, 2 xrays, oxygen so far!!!! $125 copay, a day oof work missed and this scare…..all cause a “nutritional” drink. Stay away from this powder!!!!!

      • Kym Owens

        I took the Vega Choc-A-Lot Protein Smoothie (1 scoop) this morning for the first time and had a SEVERE allergic reaction similar to the one you describe. My throat closed shut (I have asthma and it felt like anaphylactic shock). I took an extra Zyrtek, it didn’t help. I used my emergency inhaler albuterol SIX times today trying to keep my airways open. Just took a Benadryl. I have my Epi-pen out. May still need to make a trip to ER tonight. The only thing I did differently today to cause such an allergic reaction was drink this protein powder (process of elimination), which made me google search to see if any other people have had similar reactions. Completely shocked! Yes, stay away from this powder.

  58. Derek


    They really need to have a warning on it. My daughter who is 4 had a few sips of mine and broke out in hives like crazy. I would have never thought that small amount would cause such a reaction. It was the coconut flavored one which I had mixed with almond milk and a fruit blend. 100% sure it wasn’t the almond milk because she drinks it everyday by itself. Her symptoms started out with a sore stomach followed by hives all over and beet red complexion.

    Thank god benedryl worked quickly and a little calamine.

    Not sure I’m sold on this stuff anymore.

    Buyer beware!!!!

  59. This is the second attempt at trying the Vega One Nutritional Shake (berry)…both times I feel, not quite sick, but just “weird.” Like something sucked the joy out of my body. I know that caffeine makes my brain feel “itchy” and then I go to sleep…so I’m wondering if there is some sort of stimulant in this product that I am not recognizing. I feel lethargic and foggy…definitely NOT clear and energized.

    To be fair, the product does say to start at 1/4 scoop but I ignored that since I’m already used to a high-plant/high fibre diet.

    I gave it two tries…but I shall be sticking with my whole foods.

  60. I removed this product from my diet because of bad stomach aches. Yesterday I tried it, and I woke up with terrible nausea again with a hive under my eye. Works for some people and others not!

  61. Cole

    I first want to say that i really really hate writing a bad review, in fact i would rather blame myself instead of a company or another person but i feel that if i don’t write this review i would be contributing to whatever it is that Vega One has going on. I bought my Vega One Vanilla Chai Shake from them at Vitamin Shoppe as i do all my shakes and absolutely loved the taste and was very happy to have finally found a protein shake with an acceptable taste. About a week after taking this i broke out in hives all over my chest and upper stomach. I also began to feel a throbbing sensation near my lower stomach, which felt very weird and very scary. I also noticed my kidneys weakening. At first i did not think it was Vega One, since this is supposed to be a natural vegan product. I could not figure out what was causing this illness. Vega One was the only change i made in my diet however i still did not think it was Vega One but I stopped taking the shake just in case. I went on a water/herbal detox and took natural vitamins and herbs to clear the bad reactions which took quite a while to clear which means that this was a very strong reaction that my body had since not even my natural remedy mixtures were responding to it and i have some very potent herbal mixtures and oils. After the hives went away leaving me with what looks like a permanent scar right in the very center of my chest, i bought another Vega One Shake again to try. Immediately after beginning Vega One for the second time I started to have the same reactions and this time the entire bottom row of my gums/ teeth are ACHING and have been this ways for DAYS which confirms this is Vega ONE. Very disappointed in Vega ONE and founder Mr. Chang. After reading the ingredients again i could not find out why i was reacting this way as I’ve already eaten all of those ingredients before in other products with no problems. It wasn’t until i did an online search with the phrase ‘vega one side effects’ and‘ Vega One Rash’ that i really started to get upset. From FDA postings about Vega One recalls for product contaminations that can cause blood problems and can take weeks of building up for the symptoms to appear with unpredictable reactions) to hundreds of horror stories and complaints from Vega One customers about seizures, becoming violently ill, fainting, vomiting, nausea, aplastic anemia, emergency room scares, and other severe illnesses from people who’ve bought the Vega One. Even after the so called “voluntary recall’ which did not seem so voluntary with Mr.Changs unwillingness to comply until a pubic outcry according to news sources. Why is this product still making people violently ill today and more importantly why is it still on shelves. It is scary to think that there are some people who have become very ill from this product and do not know the cause of their illness because they are not connecting it back to Vega One and this is why i couldn’t in good conscience not say anything. Something is very wrong with Vega Ones formulations. i am also interested in knowing what is in their flavoring and why this is so top secret. I was actually considering contacting a someone about some sort of class action suit but i’m sure that by now they’ve figured out a way or wording to place on their product in order to not hold themselves liable.

  62. Verona

    I would also like to comment on VegaOne protein powder, chocolate. It made me very sick just one week ago. I had my usual oatmeal and banana breakfast at work. I have eaten this everyday, for years. I also had a coffee with a little milk, as usual. However I decided I should add the VegaOne to my diet that I had purchased earlier this year. I didn’t like the taste much at the time I bought it, so that’s likely why I haven’t used it since, until now. The expiry date was still a month away. Well, I mixed one scoop as directed and it just tasted “off”. I added a little milk. Didn’t taste much better. I had a couple of gulps, and poured the rest down the drain, as it was nauseating. An hour later I drove home for lunch. I thought I felt ill because maybe I was just hungry, so I ate a simple toasted sandwich of egg, cheese and tomato. Shortly after I realized I was feeling like throwing up! Long story short, I lost breakfast and lunch throwing up x 5. I was not able to go back to work. I had also had some diarrhea. I rarely get sick and rarely throw up, and was quite sure it was due to the Vega One. I will never buy this product again! I was so relieved to read all the comments posted on this site, confirming what I suspected. Thanks

  63. Tracey

    Tried the chocolate today with almond milk, stayed down for a couple hours until I get to my chiro appt and the hot sweats and puking started before I could even see the chiro. Puked all the way home in a garbage bag trying to drive a stick…. Not an easy task! Puked a few more times until the other end started…good times! I will be giving the 2 bags I bought to someone who has guts of steel. This happened before with this product….ugh, why did I try it again?

  64. In November 2015, my 23 year old daughter was rushed to the ER by ambulance due to a severe reaction to Vega Sport Performance Chocolate flavor. She had been drinking the shake for two years prior to this reaction. She had consumed half of the container from August until November when all of a sudden this happened. Health Canada or the FDA should be officially notified via their websites by everyone who’s experienced the same. It may be a matter of life and death to some people.

    • That’s so scary! I hope she’s ok now.

      • Thank you. She recovered but will be going for blood tests to make sure everything’s alright. In 2013, Health Canada ordered them to take their product off store shelves because it was tainted with a toxin called Chloramphenicol (look it up). It can cause Aplastic Anemia, which is why my daughter’s getting tested. Very scary indeed!

  65. Kelsie

    I was looking for a safe protien powder for breastfeeding, I bought the Vega Protien and Greens from Costco because (unlike most powders) it did not have a warning for pregnant or lactating women. Three days into taking Vega my milk dried up and I never had any issues with production. I stopped taking the protien and 72 hours later my milk came back. Any ideas to why this would happen? I assumed the extra protien and vitamins would boost supply?

    • Kelsie,

      I have no idea why that would happen. I am constantly surprised by all of the comments I get about the Vega protein powders…kinda crazy to hear about the reactions people have. I am glad you figured out what caused your milk to dry up.


  66. Heather

    Another one sick from Vega One. Only had two smoothies made with a small amount and I have never had a headache this bad. I’ve been drinking a lot more water thinking maybe it was dehydration the first time but now with the cramps and nausea starting I’m fairly confident it isn’t dehydration. The reaction from this stuff for me started within an hour of having it and cleared up by the end of the day both times…after reading the above comments it makes it pretty clear what is causing it. Thank you for this, it made me realize quickly what was causing my reaction so it didn’t end up being worse!

  67. Nate Cain

    I tried a small sample of the Vega Protein and Greens vanilla at Costco and had a very bitter aftertaste. This was followed by dizziness, blurred vision, swollen throat, nausea, and general malaise.. Glad I didn’t drink a whole smoothie.

  68. Nicole Cohea

    After becoming violently ill and going to urgent care the dr was uncertain what caused this. Thought I could be having stomach bleeding. Severe stomach cramping. I was screaming in pain after two or three days of taking the vega one in a shake. I stopped all meds for a week and then after a week decided to do my vega shake again and in about three hours the pain hit me!! It was then I realized it was the vega making me violently ill. I decided to do research and I think this company is definitely not practicing safety. Going to get this tested.

  69. I too have tried this Vega Protein and Greens Drink Mix. I found this site googling for any reviews on bad side effects because after trying it the first few weeks I noticed I was always feeling sick within a few hours after drinking a smoothie. I couldn’t understand why and I even looked at every ingredient listed. It didn’t show anything that I would assume to make me feel sick with nausea and stomach pains. I feel like vomiting and it is very uncomfortable. I will never again use this product. This morning I tried it a second time after putting it away for a month hoping I would not get the same reaction and well I did. Still sick. I am also concerned this product continues to remain in the marker yet comforted that I am not the only one feeling sick.

    • Alyson

      I am so grateful for finding this site regarding bad reactions to Vega One protein powder. I have been using the All in One nutritional shake, vanilla flavor, on and off for the past year. Every time I had a shake (with almond milk, banana, etc)- I noticed I was having severe indigestion. My stomach would majorly bloat, rumble, have unrelenting diarrhea, and nausea. On one particular day, about a month ago, I had a vega smoothie just the day prior. And, in the morning, I began to develop unbearable acid reflux- that led to severe vomoting. I haven’t vomited since 2006. I had the chills, flu like, and in bed for 2 days. I never put this vile reaction together with Vega One. Ironically, I did figure out my bad indigestion and bloating was coming from Vega One, so this morning I did a Google search on ways to combat bloating, gas, etc from Protein smoothies. I was serendipitously led to this site, and the formal recall announcement from several years ago. Now I realize why I have been suffering, got so sick/vomiting, plus experiencing other strange symptoms (major fatigue, reduced vision, difficulty urinating). Vega One has been the only change to my diet. I would like to report this to the appropriate authority. Does anyone have this information? Thanks — Take Care !

  70. Elisa

    The Vega protein shake has a seed in it they call SaviSeed. Vega also sold this seed covered in chocolate as a snack. 2 years ago I purchased some of these seeds because someone was talking about the health benefits for them. My daughter ate just a few one morning. Not more than a 1/2 hour later she became violently ill. She had only had a few of the seeds. This was the only difference in her routine that day and it was the first time she had the seeds. I searched the internet for more information and found other people had similar reactions to the seeds. I believe without a doubt that most of the reactions from the powdered protein shake people are having are from the seed. I think they should have a warning on the label about the seed. I also noticed Costco sampling this product just this week. I am concerned many people got sick that day and had no idea why.

  71. Katie

    Tried the Vanilla in December 2015. All good. Until Jan 2016. I rarely vomit & this product makes me sick! First time thought it was almond milk, second time thought it was restraunt food poisoning but third was the truth! About 2hours after drinking with water/alond milk or coconut water I would vomit for about 3 hours. Sooo wish I had found these post earlier! Stick with real food smoothies & stay clear of Vega products.

  72. Sam

    I just tried Vega for the first time and have never been this sick. By the way, I eat an extremely clean diet and work out daily. I had a single packet of the vanilla almond shake and about 6 hours later I thought I might need to go to the ER. I actually had to pull over while driving and have my boyfriend come get me because I couldn’t make it home. I was so nauseous I couldn’t move. He said it’s the worst he’s ever seen me.

    I then came home and passed out for 3 hours then woke up to eat some apple sauce. The smell of my boyfriend cooking in the other room intensified everything. I had to get up and sit by an open window to make the nausea go away. I then felt sick all throughout the night. I’m now on day 2 and it feels like my stomach is twisted and so tight inside. I still feel awfully nauseous and I couldn’t go to work. I will never be able to try your products again. I will also never ever ever take my health for granted again. So at least there is a positive outcome from this experience.

    If there is something in these products that causes a reaction PLEASE let me know. I don’t believe it was because I was being “cleansed” – I don’t eat meat, artificial sweeteners, or sugar..I’m the healthiest person I know. So whatever it is I’d like to know so I can stay VERY clear of it.

  73. bret

    Vega was on sale at Walgreens and I thought I would give it a try. I drank a shake after my workout as I normally do. Started to feel kind of crummy and went to bed. When my alarm went off I immediately had to run to the bathroom. Needless to say liquid was going into the toilet but it wasn’t urine. I pride myself on my perfect attendance at work so I got myself ready and went off to work. I was in the bathroom about every half hour. No energy, and light headed.I have been gong to the bathroom even 20 min. Since I got home and I have no appetite. I took anti-diarrhea medicine and it’s not working. This product is terrible and seeing all the other stories on this site makes me wonder how they can even sell this stuff. I’m still light headed and have zero energy using the bathroom every 15 to 20 min. There is only one place to put vega protein powder and that is directly in the garbage. I urge people not to try this product. It’s not worth the risk

  74. Amanda

    I keep having diarrhea after using this product.

    • Marie

      I have been using Vega Protein and greens and developed a rash that won’t go away even though I stopped using it for 3 days now and itchy skin which is improving and the diarrhea is not going away either …the onset of this was very slow and I never had problems with whey protein powder so going back to that once all this settles but this isn’t good that so many people are having bad reactions to this product

  75. julia

    Just tried Vega vanilla for the first time…. 🙁 It wasn’t boding well with my body. Threw it all up after about 10 minutes of consumption…. 🙁

  76. Mirsada

    Hives that feel like dry skin- I started taking Vega about 2 months ago. It was a nice protein shake that kept me full so I took it every morning. It stated out with a feeling of dry skin around my throat and then over time it got progressively worse and now I have hives. I went away to Europe for 10 days and started feeling better and hives were gone. Came back to US and started my routine again not even 24 HR later I have hives that are getting worse. I was telling my husband that it’s eater protein shake or coconut milk because those are two things that are new in my diet. I stopped taking it yesterday so I will let you know if I feel better. I went on line to see if anyone else has posted anything and sure enough I realize that my reaction is mild compared to some people. Thank you for posting. I may repost this myself to Feds so send me a link. Thank you all.

  77. Erika

    I spoke with Sarah at Vega today- she told me they had never received a complaint about their product causing a seizure in anyone before. From this correspondence I find that hard to believe? Can anyone else weigh in here?

  78. Melany Hornsby

    Woke up with my entire body covered in a severe itching rash. From head to toe. Vegan One Nutritional Shake is horrible. My husband said he got diarrhea and a severe headache. Throwing this stuff out.

  79. Jacqueline

    I drank Vega Protein and Greens every morning with almond milk for several months. Half way through the last container I got every time I drink it – no matter what liquid I mix it with, I end up vomiting within 30minutes, this is followed by severe stomach pain and diarrhea. Once I figured out what was causing it I stopped drinking it and was ok. Out of ridiculous curiosity I tried another smoothie with the Vega P&G and had the same reaction.

    Does anyone know what causes this? I bought mine in the United States (Tennessee). So disappointing because the first few month of drinking this I felt great and had found a healthy breakfast replacement.

  80. Sara

    I’ve had a large jar of vega sport recovery (vanilla) for about a year and a half. The first little while I was using it I noticed it made me unbelievably constipated. As a vegetarian that eats mostly raw, I’ve never had a problem being “regular” so I stopped taking it. I figured I wouldn’t take it regularly, but only use it to supplement on days when I’m weightlifting and haven’t had enough protein from food that day. Since that doesn’t happen often, I only take it once every few months at most. The first time I got sick was in March of this year, but I chalked it up to food poisoning. The next time I took it was in august and I got violently ill again. The last time was this past week and was the absolute worst. All times it’s been the same, about 2 hrs after ingesting I get severe cramping followed by severe vomiting and then severe diarrhea. All times I have a high fever, dreanched in sweat and cannot even keep water down for at least 5 hrs after my symptoms begin. This last time I had blood in my stool towards the end of my diarrhea and I started vomiting up the mucus my body was producing to line my stomach after vomiting everything out of it. This last time was by far the worst reaction I’ve had.
    Its not expired (exp Apr 2017), nor has it been recalled! I have never reacted to protein powders like this before and am 100% sure that it’s the cause. I wouldn’t recommend Vega to anyone!

  81. Maryanna

    I have tried Vega Protein & greens in a shake Terrible itching and hives after drinking the shake. Will throw this out.

  82. I’m very glad I found this thread. I’ve been taking vega protein for just over a week now and I’ve had awful gastritis for the last few days. I’m celiac and assumed I’d accidentally ingested gluten but I don’t know from where. I’m going to steer clear of this from now on and hope that I feel better! Thanks for the info!

  83. trevor evenson

    I don’t feel so bad after reading everyone else’s reactions. All I had was difficulty breathing, acid reflux, and felt horrible.

  84. I have been drinking the ‘Vega One All-In-One Nutritional Shake’ in the mocha flavour for a few weeks now. I don’t enjoy the flavour but kept drinking it because it is healthy and expensive. I’ve noticed that my Eczema on my hand kept getting worse and now I have hives covering most of my body since yesterday. I am trying to reduce my gluten and dairy in-take but based on what I’ve read here – others have gotten hives too. It took a few weeks but I think it is the pea protein that is causing my allergic reaction. I’m throwing it out – very disappointed in this product.

  85. sara l fyke

    My husband is currently violently sick after having a shake with a new batch of Vega Vanilla & Greens, Oatmeal and Cookie. The rest of us in the family didn’t have it and we are fine. He also threw up after having a shake a week ago, but we thought it might have been the chia, though that seemed odd as he eats it (and we all ate it) on salads, etc., with no effect. BEWARE THE VEGA!!!

    • sara l fyke

      Update: I got on Vega’s website on the live chat, gave the person the Vega tub’s info, and am expecting to hear back from a Vega representative today. I encourage others to do the same.

  86. Jacques Lebreton

    January 17 2018

    I’m a healthy 52 year old soccer player. A week ago, my son’s gives me his brand new Vegas One All-in-One vanilla shake because he did not like the taste. I was really happy the fact that I needed extra vitamins and minerals for the healing of my shin (tibia) after breaking it on Nov 12 2017 at soccer. A week after taking this product, I am now getting an allergy reaction to it by having hives all over body. I’m scratching like crazy right now. I realized it was this product today after doing a little research on the net. This product as definitely something wrong with it. I will make a complain. This is supposed to be Vegan. Why am I getting an allergic reaction to it? Stay away from this product! NOT RECOMMENDED!

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