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QUICK SNACK – Chili Apple Slices

The other day my son and I were running errands and after he helped me unload the car he asked if he could have a snack.  I asked him what he wanted and he mentioned that when he was hanging-out at a friend’s house his mom made a snack that he really liked…apples with lemon and chili.

I love learning about snacks that other cultures serve.  I was really excited to try this!  I sliced the apples, squeezed some Meyer lemon on top, and sprinkled them with chili powder (by Frontier).  I really loved the combination of sweet from the apples, sour from the lemon, and spicy from the chili powder (my son LOVES spicy food just like both of his grandfathers).

After we finished the plate we decided to try it again with Via Nueva’s Chili con Limon…brilliant!

Let me know what some of your favorite ethnic quick snacks are…maybe they will even be featured on Veggie Grettie.


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When our bananas get very ripe I usually make banana bread.  While I absolutely love banana bread (click here for my vegan and gluten-free recipe), it has been way to hot to make it lately…who wants to turn the oven on when it is in the nineties and humid???

The hot weather has also been making our bananas ripen much faster than usual.  It all works out though because we have been making a TON of smoothies lately to help cool us off.  One of my favorite ways to make a smoothie creamy and help  sweeten it naturally is to add frozen bananas to the blender.  When I notice the bananas getting too brown and soft to eat on their own, I peel them and put them in a bag in the freezer.  I ALWAYS have frozen bananas in the freezer for my smoothies.

One last tip…break the frozen banana into 3-4 pieces right before you put it in the blender (it will be too difficult for the blender to break-up the banana if it isn’t broken down a bit beforehand).


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