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QUICK SNACK – Chili Apple Slices

The other day my son and I were running errands and after he helped me unload the car he asked if he could have a snack. Ā I asked him what he wanted and he mentioned that when he was hanging-out at a friend’s house his mom made a snack that he really liked…apples with lemon and chili.

I love learning about snacks that other cultures serve. Ā I was really excited to try this! Ā I sliced the apples, squeezed some Meyer lemon on top, and sprinkled them with chili powder (by Frontier). Ā I really loved the combination of sweet from the apples, sour from the lemon, and spicy from the chili powder (my son LOVES spicy food just like both of his grandfathers).

After we finished the plate we decided to try it again with Via Nueva’s Chili con Limon…brilliant!

Let me know what some of your favorite ethnic quick snacks are…maybe they will even be featured on Veggie Grettie.


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This weekend I bought the most amazing tri-color corn at our local organic farm stand…our first fresh corn of the season.Ā  I immediately knew how I wanted to prepare it.Ā  Grilled.Ā  Grilling corn imparts a slightly smokey taste, but what I love about it is the fact that the corn husk protects the corn from direct contact with the grill.

At dinner I think we all would have eaten two ears of corn each (If I had been smart enough to buy that much!).Ā  Instead I bought 5 ears and we were all left fighting over the last ear…



Corn on the cob (As many ears as you would like)

Earth BalanceĀ® Natural Buttery Spread ā€“ Soy Free

Seasoning (i.e. Celtic sea salt, pepper, OR Chili con Limon)

Trim the corn and make sure there is not excess husk or stem.

Soak the corn (in its husk) in water for 30 minutes (My in-laws bought me the tub below from an Asian market and I use it ALL THE TIME for soaking produce).Ā 

Preheat the barbeque to medium heat.

Place the soaked corn in its husk on the barbeque.Ā  Turn the corn every 3-5 minutes for a total of 15-20 minutes.

Remove the corn from the barbeque and allow it to cool until it is cool enough to shuck.Ā 

Once shucked spread the Earth BalanceĀ® Natural Buttery Spread over each ear of corn.

Season immediately.Ā  The Earth BalanceĀ® Natural Buttery Spread will add wonderful flavor and will also help the seasoning stick to the corn.

Chile Con Limon NET WT. 4 oz.

My favorite seasoning for grilled corn is Chile Con Limon by Via Nueva…so good!Ā  For more information about this seasoning click here.

For a printable version of this recipe click here.


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