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PRODUCT REVIEW – Earthbound Farms PowerMeals and FREE eCookbook

Earthbound Farms recently sent me samples of their new PowerMeals. ¬†For those of you unfamiliar with Earthbound Farms, they practically invented bagged salad in 1986 and have turned that invention into an empire of goodness (click here¬†for their story). ¬†While we are all capable of buying lettuce, washing it, spinning it, etc., let’s face it; we all probably wouldn’t eat as much salad if it weren’t for the fact that we can go buy a bag of it ready to go. ¬†I know I buy it more often than I’d like to admit purely due to the convenience factor.

PowerMeals are basically bagged salad on steroids and they come in three flavors:

  • Blueberry Quinoa Protein Balance¬†(Gluten-free)
  • Tomatillo Black Bean Protein Energy¬†(Gluten-free)
  • Cranberry Wheat Protein Boost

I took the PowerMeals with me on a recent vacation and they really saved me in the sense that I knew I had healthy meals options with me to fill in the gaps when it would have otherwise been easy to choose a less healthy option.  They were heaven-sent!

My only criticism of the PowerMeals is that the dressings that come along with the salads are too high in fat (Total fat of the salads with the dressing ranges from 21-23 grams), but that is easy to remedy by bringing your own dressing which is what I did.

In celebration of their 25th year in business, Earthbound Farms is offering Veggie Grettie readers a free eCookbook, Salads for Every Season, which is available for download now through 12/31 afterwhich it will cost $2.99.  In their own words:

The 83-page eCookbook is an anthology of delicious salad recipes from Myra’s first two cookbooks. Full of wonderfully tasty recipes, the eCookbook will come in especially handy for those looking to lighten up the menu during the holidays.

I have not had a chance to look through the eCookbook yet, but I am sure that there are a lot of great recipes inside.  Remember that there are bound to be some recipes which are not vegan, so adjust accordingly.

Enjoy your free eCookbook!  Click HERE to download it before 12/31/11.


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