Elana’s Pantry Banana Bread – Gluten-Free & Paleo

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This morning my son looked across the counter and saw our overripe bananas which prompted, “Mom I REALLY have a craving for banana bread!  I LOVE your banana bread recipe!!!”  Do you think he was not so subtly hinting???

I decided to go another route today and try Elana Amsterdam’s (of Elana’s Pantry) Paleo Banana Bread Recipe.  The only alteration I made to the recipe was to use coconut oil in lieu of vegetable shortening.  I also tented the bread with foil for the last 15-20 minutes or so since it was already a nice golden brown and I didn’t want it to burn.

My kids went gaga for this and both had three slices after school.  I had to stop them so that there would be at least a slice each for my husband and I to try.

Click HERE for the recipe and while you are at it surf around Elana’s site…it is chalk-full of wonderful recipes.

On another note…There was definitely lively debate and commenting after my last post.  I approved ALL of the comments and allowed the conversation to continue right up until today.  The discussion has been had, viewpoints have been shared, and it is now time for all of us to move on.  I choose to focus on the positive in life and as of now I will no longer be approving any negative comments…let’s keep it happy.  

Veggie Grettie is my little corner of the world where I share recipes I have created, those of others I admire, health information, and a smidgen of my personal life from time to time.  I would like to continue doing so and want to thank those of you who sent your good vibes my way.  Much love!!!

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7 responses to “Elana’s Pantry Banana Bread – Gluten-Free & Paleo

  1. Debbie

    I would love to try this recipe because I am looking at 6 over ripe bananas on my countertop right now. However, I cannot do the Somersweet because my digestive system cannot tolerate inulin. Is there a substitute to use besides a stevia-type of sweetener? Thanks.

    • Hi Debbie,

      While I haven’t tried it (so I am unsure of the results), you could try to substitute another “dry” sweetener such as sucanat, organic cane sugar, organic brown sugar, etc. The result may not be quite as sweet, but I am guessing that will be fine since the bananas are quite sweet themselves.

      If you try it please come back and comment to let me know how it goes!

  2. ann b

    This looks pretty good. I will definitely try this! Did you melt the coconut oil first and then measure or did you measure it as a solid?

  3. Gina

    This does look yummy! Did you use an egg replacement or real eggs?

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