So, I have this crazy idea… I want to make your favorite family baking recipes healthier.

You know the recipes I am talking about…the ones that ALWAYS get served at family gatherings, made for birthdays, and holidays.  We all have those dessert recipes that still tug at us despite the fact that we have adopted a healthier lifestyle.  Maybe your extended family is not ready to go vegan, or they don’t have gluten intolerance, but maybe, just maybe they are willing to start using a new healthier version of the family dessert  favorite and that is where I come in.

To begin this series, I want to focus on baking.  Send me your favorite recipes for all things baked along with a short story about what the recipes means to your family and I just might choose your recipe to veganize, healthify, and make gluten-free.

I have been reworking some of our family favorites (which I will share at a later date) and I can’t wait to start reworking yours.

Send your recipes to gretchen (at) veggiegrettie (dot) com


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  1. Jill

    Yipppeee! Bring ’em on!

  2. Along the lines of cinnamon sugar, monkey/pull apart bread…It seems like it is easily converted, but I’m wondering if it can be made slightly more healthy…as in permissable more often…it is so crazy sweet/indulgent!

  3. It will probably be a miracle if you can veganize this dessert, but I’ll give it a shot anyway. Sour Cream Raisin Pie, my all time favorite dessert from childhood. The pie filling would pose the most problem I think, because it calls for several egg yolks and sour cream. Any ideas?

  4. Sirica

    I have no recipe, but I would love to see gluten free vegan donuts….oh and yummy, too! Thanks! 🙂

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