SO DELICIOUS COCONUT MILK – Holiday Flavors and Giveaway

The holidays came early to my house.  I received my first present of the season when FedEx dropped off So Delicious’s Seasonal Coconut Milk Beverages to my doorstep this morning.  So Delicious contacted me to tell me that the milks would arrive this morning and I seriously think the FedEx man must have thought I was coo coo because I was literally waiting at the door when he arrived.

OH MY GOSH they are good!  Then Nog is so flavorful and pours thick like a “real” nog does, but without the guilt and oodles of fat that accompany the dairy version.  When I was about 5 years old I consumed a half gallon of egg nog on my own and as you can imagine, I have avoided the dairy version like the plague since (I am shocked I did not have a heart attack right then and there!).  So Delicious has come to the rescue and provided me with an option that I like and does not conjure-up bad memories for me.  Yay!

As you can imagine, the Mint Chocolate is out of this world.  I think I will need to pour some into an opaque container so I can save some for myself since I know the kids are going to absolutely decimate it when they get home from school.  I so want to cook and bake with these milks!  I am thinking the kids will love the recipe for the Vegan Nog French Toast (breakfast tomorrow!).  I love that they included recipes on the carton.

The beverages will retail for around $2.99, which I consider to be very reasonable.  I know my fridge will be stocked with them.  Click here for nutrition information.  Click here for a store locator.


So Delicious has generously provided the readers of Veggie Grettie with a nice giveaway… TWO coupons for a “FREE So Delicious Dairy Free item.” 

To Enter:

1.  LIKE the So Delicious Dairy Free Facebook Fan page (


2.  FOLLOW them on Twitter (

3.  Come back to this post and leave me a comment letting me know you have LIKED their page and let me know which flavor you are most excited to try.

Nice and simple.

I will announce the two winners (each will receive 1 coupon) on Thursday of next week 10/27/11.


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50 responses to “SO DELICIOUS COCONUT MILK – Holiday Flavors and Giveaway

  1. Michelle W

    Holy flavored coconuts, FINALLY! 🙂 been waiting for their milks to come out in different flavors, yum! I hope they make them in single erve and individual creamer sizes soon, too! I liked your FB page 🙂

  2. Leanne

    I can only imagine how incredibly delish the Nog must be. We only use So Delicious Coconut Milk,, it’s great for drinking and trying baking with it,, it’s amazing!

  3. If FB had a place to LOVE So Delicious, I would! I am absolutely planning to try the eggnog, ESPECIALLY that french toast recipe! Thanks for sharing! I am a huge fan of their yogurt and regular milk, excited they are spicing it up (literally!) for the holidays!

  4. Jen

    My whole holiday season has just been made seeing this post! Not having milk/cheese this holiday season will be hard to handle, this will make it so much better!! ; )

  5. I liked them and Twitter followed them ages ago. So Delicious is AWESOME and that chocolate mint flavor is right up my alley. Thanks for the heads up about these seasonal items 🙂

  6. I like SO delicious and am excited to try both, for different reasons..but I love the flavor of both, so if I win, dealer’s choice!!!!!!!!

  7. Laura C

    I can’t wait to try the Coconut Nog! I used to love eggnog as a child, but stopped drinking it when I actually read the nutrition facts in my teens. Yikes! The french toast recipe sounds yummy, too 🙂

  8. Lynette Cruz

    They both look so good!! I would to try the coconut nog,I’m already friends on fb with so delicious for awhile now and following on Twitter! I will be looking for these when i go shopping!!!

  9. Claire

    I already like them on FB! I’d love to try some of their cultured coconut milk yogurt.

  10. Ann B

    I liked So Delicious and can’t wait for the egg nog. I just say a show where they made egg nog pancakes that I’ve been wanting to try.

  11. I’ve “liked” their page! I’d LOVE to try the chocolate mint. It’s my favorite flavor combination!

  12. Sarah

    I just found the coconut nog at my local Whole Foods store. It is the BEST dairy-free nog (and maybe even the best any-kind-of nog) I have ever tasted! I couldn’t wait to make the French toast recipe. The kids and I agree that it is absolutely scrumptious. They want it for breakfast every day now. LOL! Thank you for the giveaway! I follow So Delicious on Facebook.

  13. Nichole Sweeney

    Liked them on Facebook a bit ago and they have great posts. Both recipes sound fantastic, can’t wait to try them.

  14. I liked their page and I would love the nog

  15. I follow them on twitter and want to try the mint chocolate. I love me some mint and chocolate non-dairy beverage.

  16. Ashley

    I like them on FB! Thanks so much for the giveaway 🙂

  17. Ashley

    I follow them on twitter

  18. Diane M.

    The Egg Nog flavor sounds great and there are so many recipes you could use it to make! I like So Delicious on facebook and follow them on twitter. Thanks!

  19. Ha, what timing- I just got this package of beverages, too! I haven’t tried mine yet, but now I’m even more excited. They seem promising!

  20. Rebecca

    I already liked SoDelicious Coconut Milk on facebook!

  21. Rebecca

    I’m already following Turtle Mountain on twitter!

  22. Rebecca

    I realllly want to try the eggnog.. i think i’ve had eggnog ONCE in my life, but i don’t even remember! I just want to taste it and see what eggnog really tastes like!

  23. Jana

    I ‘liked’ their page a while ago. Love the stuff and excited for some new flavors. Thanks!

  24. Felicia

    I would LOVE to try the coconut milk nog! My experience with vegan egg nog hasn’t been great so far, so I’m really excited about this. I hope it’s as delicious as all of their other products. I follow them on twitter.

  25. Rio

    I would LOVE to try the coconut milk nog! My experience with vegan egg nog hasn’t been great so far, so I’m really excited about this. I hope it’s as delicious as all of their other products. I follow them on twitter.

  26. Julia

    Love Love Love So Delicious!!!! I tweeted and posted on Facebook 🙂

  27. Julia

    I Follow on Facebook

  28. Lisa

    Hi, I’m a newbie to vegan living. I have been trying to convert the rest of my family. This new product you are promoting sounds wonderful. I look forward to finding it at the local (36 miles away) Natural Grocer’s. I bet I can incorporate it into yummy vegan desserts for my family. Thanks for sharing.

  29. Connie

    oooh.. so totally looking forward to nog!!

  30. Justine

    Vegan coconut nog French toast? That sounds AMAZING! So Delicious rocks! (I follow them on twitter and facebook.)

  31. Johnna

    I liked the Facebook page. Thank you sooo much for sharing this I’m a huge egg big fan and I’ve been wondering what I would do without it. You saved the holiday!

  32. Carah

    I liked their page on FB! I’m so excited to try the mint chocolate. I love hot chocolate and think that this would make a super delicious hot cocoa! It would also be great in coffee on crisp winter mornings!

  33. Lex S.

    Liked So Delicious on FB! I would love to try mint chocolate, as would my little guy; I hope they come to a store near us!! Thanks for sharing.

  34. Celtic Cur

    Wow! Until just now, looking for coupons for Boca burgers and (you know how searches can lead you to all sorts of places!) when I found your site as a link from somewhere! I didn’t even know about So Delicious coconut milk. So to answer the questions and enter the contest, yes I went and ‘liked’ the FB page of So Delicious and I think both the regular coconut milk and the Nog ones sound truly wonderful! I adore coconut to begin with! Infact just about a week and a half ago I found a dried wide strip organic coconut at a local health food store that is so, ‘so delicicous’!!!! Not quite like fresh coconut, more like a candy! But it is just the goodness of the coconut itself!!

  35. kelly hall

    I liked their page on FB and I cant wait to try the Nog along with the recipe on back. I think my hubby will love, thinking I will make for our anniversary brunch this weekend. Love.

  36. I like the FB page! 🙂 Fingers crossed. I used their regular coconut milk for my Thai Fried Rice and loved it!

  37. Jenn B

    I “liked” them on FB and I actually do like or LOVE their products. I would love to try the Nog as I have seen the empty space for it on my grocery store shelf but each time I try it remains empty 🙁 I will continue to keep my fingers crossed as Nog was a fond memory from my past.

  38. Melanie Becker

    I liked their FB page and would love to try the Nog flavored one. I love their milk and just had my first cup of coffee with the french vanilla creamer and it was delicious :0)

  39. I just found out about this from the so delicious facebook page! I am really excited for the coconut nog and the mint chocolate topped with some whipped rice cream and a peppermint stick!

  40. Tracy


  41. Ellen

    Already like their facebook page. Very excited to try both of them!!

  42. Liked their facebook page.

    I’d like to try the Mint Chocolate flavor.

  43. I too already like their facebook page. I am interested in trying their nog, though the mint chocolate sounds good too!

  44. Melanie Becker

    I liked their facebook page and am very excited about the coconut nog,yum. I know my boys will go crazy over the chocolate mint though.

  45. Thomi

    I haven’t tried the nog but the mint chocolate is simply amazing. I’m so happy they came out with these. I used to enjoy the Westsoy chocolate peppermint stick until I gave up soy milk and I limit all of my soy consumption to once or twice a week. Now I can enjoy holiday flavors again =]

  46. Pingback: SO DELICIOUS DAIRY FREE – Pumpkin Spice Coconut Milk Beverage | VEGGIE GRETTIE

  47. Tina

    I liked the FB page and can’t wait to find and try the mint chocolate and nog!

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