Just a quick update to let you know that the thyroid protocol I recently posted about is working (Click HERE to read)!!!  I have enjoyed reading all of the wonderful comments you left on the post.

I went to the doctor to get my blood test results and my levels look much better…we are not there yet, but we are making definite progress!!!  My doctor wants me to keep doing what I have been doing and I couldn’t agree more.  I will retest in 4 months to see how everything is progressing.

I am so happy that the nutritional protocol is helping vs. having to increase my thyroid medication more.


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  1. Dina

    This is GREAT news. Pumping our bodies full of unnecessary medication is the pits! Eating right for each person’s body is the key ingredient to optimal health. I am so happy to hear that just a few tweaks to your diet is doing the trick!

  2. Lee Ann Bollinger

    GREAT news!! Keep it up!

  3. I am SO happy for you! Sending you happy healthy thyroid wishes 🙂

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  5. Mkraatz

    Just diagnosed with hypothyroid, which my mom has suffered from years. I am so grateful for your info on foods to avoid and food to assist in a “better thyroid”. I haven’t had to have meds increased, but WHY NOT start eating to assist my thyroid in being better. I had been eating a lot of soy, tempeh etc. so now I know to limit those. Thank you! And await more great news from you. Thanks for what you do.

  6. Dense

    I have had hypothyroid for 20 years and just started to have a lot of problems and found out that I have too much Reverse T3. This is a common problem but doctors don’t check for it. Everyone should have this checked on a regular basis along with the THS,T4 & Free T3. Here is a video He talks about how Hashimoto suffers should not eat iodine it makes it worse.

  7. I was diagnosed with hypothyroid recently and immediately put on levothyroxine. Without a short time frame my body reacted quite unpleasantly to that medication and I am hoping that if I improve my vegan diet by adding the foods you suggested that I can reverse my thyroid naturally. Has your thyroid still been improving? Hope you are doing wonderful and would love any feedback/updates on the symptoms you have/have not decreased. Thank you so much!!

    • Hi Alicia,
      I am glad to report that my thyroid is doing great. I still take the same dose of compounded T3/T4 I took before, which is good news because we thought we would have to increase the dose. Making the dietary changes made it so my thyroid is now functioning well without having to increase my meds. My weight is back to where I like it to be (I had gained 5-7 pounds despite having a great lowfat vegan diet…so I knew my thyroid was out of wack!) and I am feeling well.
      Best of luck to you!

  8. Lexa

    Hi Gretchen,

    Truly happy to have come across your “Me & My thyroid” entry. Thank you for the insight.
    I am also experiencing hypothyroidism. I will print your dietary protocol and see how it works for me. 🙂
    I was wondering if you had to deal with thinning hair and hair loss? I am 29 now. In my early 20s my hair started getting thinner and my scalp began showing, then I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism . In my teens I had so much hair so this is something that affects me (confidence) greatly. Have your dietary changes contributed to your full head of hair (saw your photos on IG and your hair looks beautiful and healthy).

    Warm greetings from Germany,

    • Hi Lexa,

      Sorry to hear you have thyroid problems and are dealing with hair loss. I have not experienced hair loss (I have always had crazy thick hair), but I have REALLY thin nails.

      My sister used to have hair thicker than mine and in high school it fell out when she had multiple bouts of mono.

      I wished I had some advice with regards to your hair.

      Best of luck on your journey to health.


  9. Emy

    What about the grapefruit seed oil? Are you taking it?

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