QUICK MEAL – Embellished Amy’s Chili

During the holidays I think we are all struggling to get healthy meals on the table as we run from errand to errand and holiday pageant, to holiday music production, etc…I know I am.  An easy solution is to buy some pre-made meal items and “healthy” them up a bit.

A tried and true brand is Amy’s Kitchen.  There are so many of their products that I really like (Their black bean enchiladas are awesome).  My meat-loving boys also love their Vegan Chili, which is saying a lot.

The other day I made a pot of Amy’s vegan chili in 5 minutes flat and embellished it in an attempt to bring the total sodium level down.  I warmed all of the following in a pot and that served as dinner:

I served the chili with a choice of either tortilla chips or sliced bell peppers (my choice) and Tapatio sauce on the side.  The chili pictured above was also served atop polenta.

What are your favorite FAST meals this time of year?  Any tricks to share?

image of canned chili courtesy of amys.com


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4 responses to “QUICK MEAL – Embellished Amy’s Chili

  1. ATL Cook

    I use Boca Crumbles, a large can of crushed tomatoes, frozen diced onions, no beans as a rule. But frozen home cooked pinto beans are good. Add a small amount of orzo pasta to stretch it. I prefer New Mexico chili powder. I find it with the Hispanic foods at Walmart, etc.

    Allergic to the cow. I make a batch in the 2qt Crick Pot for my family of one.

  2. my favourite fast meal is:
    1 hunk of raw tofu, cut into little squares, dipped into hot marinara sauce (heated from the jar with added habanero peppers). it is my favourite!!!!!!!!!

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