PRODUCT REVIEW – De Boles Gluten Free Rice Spirals

De Bole’s Gluten Free Rice Spirals were so disappointing that I was left wondering why I ever ventured away from our tried and true favorite gluten free pasta (Ancient Harvest Quinoa Pasta).

I saw the De Boles pasta on sale at Pavilions and decided to give it a try for dinner the other night.  I made some really yummy fresh pesto a few nights before as the sauce for pizza and planned on using the remainder of it on the pasta.

I cooked the De Bole’s pasta according to the the directions and it ended-up being gummy, but still tasted raw.  The texture was gooey, but some of the centers were still crunchy; it was a hot mess!…so much so that I rewarded our kids for eating it by allowing them to have So Delicious ice cream after dinner.

Have any of you tried this pasta???

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3 responses to “PRODUCT REVIEW – De Boles Gluten Free Rice Spirals

  1. kurimasu

    I have. I tried it in a baked mac recipe. Did not do well at all. Total disaster! Mushy and fell apart.

    I do like their corn pastas. They tend to hold up like regular wheat pastas and has a decent flavor.

  2. I tried the De Boles Gluten-Free spaghetti pasta and had the same result you did:gooey mess! The taste and the texture were really sub-par. I will not be purchasing this product again.

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