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A question I often hear from people curious about my plant based diet is, “How do you guard against osteoporosis without drinking milk?”

There is a widely unknown concept in our society called Acid / Alkaline balance that refers to the pH levels of our body’s tissues and fluids.  Our body wants to maintain a slightly alkaline state to support the fact that our blood NEEDS to maintain a pH of 7.35-7.45 (according to www.medicinenet.com ).  When our blood becomes too acidic, our body is forced to leach minerals from our bones such as calcium and magnesium to correct the unbalance.

Dairy is highly acidic as are all animal products and refined foods.  Ironically, when you consume dairy, despite the fact that it contains high levels of calcium, the resulting acidification of your blood results in a net loss of calcium as your body is compelled to buffer the acid by drawing the calcium out of your bones.

It is for these reasons that a plant-based diet is the best defense against osteoporosis.  Vegetables are highly alkaline foods.  Fortunately leafy green vegetables are the best sources of dietary calcium.  Luckily the calcium in vegetables is highly absorbable due to vegetable’s alkaline status.  When we consume vegetables our blood pH remains alkaline resulting in our body’s ability to fortify its calcium stores.

It is time we come back to the generation’s old wisdom, “EAT YOUR VEGGIES!”

For a list of calcium rich vegetables click here.

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January 12, 2011 | Susanne Rust | CALIFORNIA WATCH


New research from England should make dermatologists happy: A “tan” gained by eating lots of vegetables rich in carotenoids (antioxidant chemicals found in vegetables such as carrots and beet greens) is considered more attractive than a tan obtained from the sun.

At least, that’s the opinion of several British university students.

To test a theory that a healthy diet might make a person more attractive, researchers at the University of Nottingham, the University of St. Andrews and Bristol University showed a series of photographed faces to a few dozen students.

Ian Stephen, University of NottinghamThe middle photo shows the woman’s natural color. On the left, the suntanned. On the right, yellowing from carotenoids.

The students could adjust the skin tone of the photographed faces, making them more yellow, more suntanned or more pale.

According to the new study, the students found yellower faces more attractive and healthy looking.

In another study, the researchers found that students eating diets rich in vegetables and fruits had yellower skin than those who didn’t.

The research will soon be published in the journal of Evolution and Human Behavior.

“Most people think the best way to improve skin color is to get a suntan, but our research shows that eating lots of fruit and vegetables is actually more effective,” said Ian Stephen, a psychologist at the University of Nottingham.

Carotenoids are antioxidants that help the body cope with stress and remain healthy. Scientists have found that they are vital in maintaining healthy immune and reproductive function.

The scientists theorize that skin shining with a carrot-like glow may indicate health to potential mates and allies, and therefore appear more attractive to others.

“This is something we share with many other species,” said David Perrett, a professor at St. Andrews who contributed to the study. “The bright yellow beaks and feathers of many birds can be thought of as adverts showing how healthy a male bird is. What’s more, females of these species prefer to mate with brighter, more colored males. But this is the first study in which this has been demonstrated in humans.”

Examples of fruits and vegetables rich in carotenoids include carrots, cantaloupe melons, beet greens, spinach, kale and persimmons.


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FARM FRESH TO YOU – Organic Produce Delivery

The Delivery In My Courtyard Yesterday

The Delivery In My Courtyard Yesterday

About a month and a half ago I bought a Groupon for an organic produce delivery service called Farm Fresh To You.  Groupon was offering a deal that I couldn’t resist, $15 for a mixed organic produce box that usually costs $31.  I am such a fan of the service that I signed on as a regular customer.

I love getting the deliveries….I feel like I have a present waiting for me in my courtyard!   I chose to receive deliveries every two weeks, because I really like going to the Farmer Market too.  The service allows you to customize how often you receive deliveries and it is very easy to log in and cancel a delivery if need be (i.e. if you will be out of town).  I have also found their customer service to be phenomenal (they call every so often to check in and ask if you have any questions).

Top Layer of Produce

Top Layer of Produce

Bottom Layer of Produce

Bottom Layer of Produce

The oranges from our delivery yesterday were honestly the best oranges I have ever had.  The flesh was the color of grapefruit, but they were so sweet!  My kids each ate one and they both asked for more.

Part of the fun for me is figuring out what I am going to make with the fruits and veggies they deliver.  I have a feeling the kale is going to become kale chips!

Here is a description of their services in their own words:

We Harvest a variety of seasonal fruits and vegetables from our farm and create several home delivery and office delivery service options for you to choose from. Our Regular Service is our most popular home delivery for those who have some time to cook and Mostly Fruit Service is great for those of you who are always on the run. The produce in each service changes weekly and varies seasonally, but we work with neighboring organic farms to ensure a good variety of produce year round.
You Choose the service you would like to receive and the frequency you would like to receive your service. The day that you receive delivery depends on your zip code, and the frequency of your delivery can be weekly, every other week, every third week or every 4th week delivery.
Customize your service after you sign up for your delivery by logging onto your account or contacting the office via phone or email. You let us know the item(s) you would not like to receive and we automatically change the item(s) if they come up in your standard seasonal selection. Feel free to add extra items for an event or dinner and we will deliver them with your next delivery.


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