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I am always looking for healthy snack alternatives for my family.¬† My children really love whole fruit on it’s own, but there are times when I want to send them to school with a chip alternative and these snacks serve that purpose.¬† My kids and husband love these.¬† What I love about them is their simplicity.¬† The apple cinnamon snacks are made with just that…apple and cinnamon.¬† I do wish that they offered more organic fruit crisps, but they do offer one, organic strawberry.

I just picked-up a pack of mixed freeze dried fruit snacks at Costco today.  My daughter was with me and saw them as we were doing our shopping, so we stocked-up again.

For more information about Brother’s All Natural click here.

One word of caution…I do not endorse buying their potato crisps because the sodium content is WAY too high!

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FARM FRESH TO YOU – Organic Produce Delivery

The Delivery In My Courtyard Yesterday

The Delivery In My Courtyard Yesterday

About a month and a half ago I bought a Groupon¬†for an organic produce delivery service called Farm Fresh To You.¬† Groupon was offering a deal that I couldn’t resist, $15 for¬†a¬†mixed organic produce box that usually costs¬†$31.¬† I am such a fan of the service that I signed on as a regular customer.

I love getting the deliveries….I feel like I have a present waiting for me in my courtyard!¬† ¬†I¬†chose to receive deliveries every two weeks, because I really like going to the Farmer Market too.¬† The service allows you to customize how often you receive deliveries and it is very easy to log in and cancel a delivery if need be (i.e. if you will be out of town).¬† I have also found their customer service to be phenomenal (they call¬†every so often¬†to check in and ask if you have any questions).

Top Layer of Produce

Top Layer of Produce

Bottom Layer of Produce

Bottom Layer of Produce

The oranges from our delivery yesterday were honestly the best oranges I have ever had.  The flesh was the color of grapefruit, but they were so sweet!  My kids each ate one and they both asked for more.

Part of the fun for me is figuring out what I am going to make with the fruits and veggies they deliver.  I have a feeling the kale is going to become kale chips!

Here is a description of their services in their own words:

We Harvest a variety of seasonal fruits and vegetables from our farm and create several home delivery and office delivery service options for you to choose from. Our Regular Service is our most popular home delivery for those who have some time to cook and Mostly Fruit Service is great for those of you who are always on the run. The produce in each service changes weekly and varies seasonally, but we work with neighboring organic farms to ensure a good variety of produce year round.
You Choose the service you would like to receive and the frequency you would like to receive your service. The day that you receive delivery depends on your zip code, and the frequency of your delivery can be weekly, every other week, every third week or every 4th week delivery.
Customize your service after you sign up for your delivery by logging onto your account or contacting the office via phone or email. You let us know the item(s) you would not like to receive and we automatically change the item(s) if they come up in your standard seasonal selection. Feel free to add extra items for an event or dinner and we will deliver them with your next delivery.


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