HAPPY EARTH DAY – Buy a Shirt!

Farm Sanctuary: Rescue, Education, Advocacy

Happy Earth Day!  I am a supporter of Farm Sanctuary and all that they do to rescue animals and give them a peaceful  life.  Most of you are aware of the environmental benefits a vegetarian and vegan lifestyle (For more information click here).  In support of Earth Day and as a means of helping support Farm Sanctuary, why not buy their EAT GRN VEG FOR LIFE shirt?  I bought one and can’t wait to wear it with pride.  I hope it arrives in time for Earth Day!

To purchase click here.

*NEW* Eat Grn Fitted Tee

UPDATE – I just received my shirt and they run REALLY small.  I ordered a medium and probably should have ordered a large…as a point of referrence I am normally between a 4-6.


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7 responses to “HAPPY EARTH DAY – Buy a Shirt!

  1. What a beautiful shirt! Thanks for the link!

  2. I became vegan for the health benefits – but in reading about veganism I was stunned at the size of the environmental benefit. So in celebration of earth day I wrote the following post.
    Earth Day – make a surprisingly large difference

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  4. I wanted to let you know that I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. =)

  5. This shirt is perfect! Thank you for sharing, I may just need to get one for my self… I always wear vegan/animal rights t-shirts to work, and everything is always too big to fit me, so they sound perfect!

  6. Adorable tees! Thanks for the info on sizing. We hate getting shot-girl tees when we’re expecting normal sized ones. 🙂

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