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REVIEW – Wisdom Wand Coffee and Tea Brewing Straws

Oftentimes I am sent products to review and they do not make it onto Veggie Grettie because I only post reviews about products that I end up really liking.  I am really excited about this product.

Wisdom Wands recently sent me their portable single serve coffee and tea wands and let me tell ya…they are so neat!  The kids and I brewed some tea and coffee this morning before school and we were all so into how cool these wands are and how simple the design is.

The tea wand (above left) is basically a glass straw with a bulb at the bottom that has tiny holes to allow the yummy brew through without letting the loose tea leaves through the straw.  The coffee wand (above right) is also a glass straw, but the bottom of the coffee straw is made up of a tiny barbie-sized coffee filter.

Making the coffee and tea couldn’t be more basic.  You simply put some loose tea or coffee grounds in the bottom of your cup, pour in hot water and sip the drink through the straw.  You can pour sweetener and vegan creamer directly into this mix and the sip away.

These would make the coolest stocking-stuffers!  I keep thinking of situations where these wands would be ideal…camping, college dorm rooms, the office (no more bitter coffee made by someone else), etc.

Another great feature is that with the wands you don’t need to use as much coffee or tea which amounts to a nice cost savings (I’ll take cost savings where I can get it).  What a fun product!!!

Click HERE to learn more OR go direct by pasting in http://wisdomwands.com/whyown.html#


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