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I am not a daily coffee drinker, but I do enjoy the taste AND the smell (LOVE IT)!!!  I definitely enjoy the occasional coffee.  While coffee is acidic, I do not worry about it because the rest of my diet tends to be very alkaline (click HERE to learn more about acid / alkaline balance).

Whenever I have coffee I make sure it is decaf because I tend to get physically ill when I have regular coffee (stomache ache, shaky, etc.) and I am just not a fan of caffeine in general.

Summer is here full swing and that means iced coffees are walking out of Starbucks coffee shops left and right.  The few times I have had iced coffees from coffeehouses my main complaint has been the fact the the ice waters down the strength of the coffee.

Problem solved. ¬†A while back I came across a blog post where someone made ice from brewed coffee. ¬†I don’t remember where I saw it, in fact I am sure I have seen it multiple places/times. ¬†Such a simple idea, yet very effective.

Instead of watering down your iced coffee, your iced coffee gets stronger as the coffee ice melts…brilliant!


Brewed decaf coffee
Stevia  (I used SweetLeaf Vanilla Creme)
So Delicious almond milk
So Delicious Creamer (The hazelnut is my favorite)



Brew the coffee and sweeten with Stevia.  Make sure to sweeten the coffee mixture sweeter than you generally like since the coffee ice will also be sweetening your iced coffee.  Allow the coffee to cool and pour it into ice molds (I used a silicon ice mold).

Once frozen pop some of the ice into a cup, pour almond milk into the cup and add a splash of creamer.

Stir and enjoy…this iced coffee gets better and better as it mixes together.


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