ONE GREEN PLANET – Chocolate Health Cookies

Check out my newest recipe on One Green Planet…Chocolate HEALTH Cookies.

Click HERE to get the recipe.


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5 responses to “ONE GREEN PLANET – Chocolate Health Cookies

  1. Wendy

    Hi do you get an after taste with the stevia? Can you use the liquid stevia?
    Thanks Wendy

    • Hi Wendy! I do not detect an aftertaste with the stevia (I use Sweetleaf stevia packets). I haven’t tried liquid stevia with baking…so I can’t speak to whether or not there would be an aftertaste.

  2. Mmm, those cookies look so dark and rich! Amazing that they’re made of beans, despite how decadent they appear – and undoubtedly taste.

  3. Love this..a chocolate cookie that is healthy!!!

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