Last year I was introduced to Temecula tangerines.  I had seen them in Mother’s Market before and never even thought about buying them because quite frankly they aren’t very enticing.  I know, don’t judge a book (or in this case fruit) by its cover, but these oranges look like they would be dry and not juicy in the least.

Last year the kids and I went shopping and Mother’s was sampling the Temecula tangerines.  Man, they are good!  Juicy, flavorful, and uber-convenient.

Temeculas peel so easily and can quickly be peeled into a bowl of sorts, which is our favorite way of eating them.  We peel off the top of the tangerine and are left with a wonderfully tasty “bowl” of tangerine segments which easily pull-out segment by segment.

Have you tried Temecula tangerines yet???


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  1. ladiesholiday

    Wish we had a Mother’s Market…those are beauties!

  2. Never… They are hard to find here. It looks beautiful though, especially with the little leave…

  3. Melissa Boyd

    They are great I love them also . Perfect and fun for kids!!

  4. I’ve never even heard of them! Thanks for the tip…I promise to give them a chance……if I ever see any!

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