BLISSMO GIVEAWAY – Skin Organics Skin-dulgence Package


We have an awesome giveaway from Blissmo today!  Today Blissmo will be giving one of my readers a Summer Skin-dulgence package by Skin Organics. 

The package includes: 

– 2 oz Cucumber Sage Calming Mist

– 1.7 oz Pomegranate Daytime Protection

– 0.5 oz Super C Vitamin Cocktail

– 1 oz Papaya Gentle Eye Peel 

HOW TO ENTERClick here to go to the Blissmo Website and sign-up for Blissmodaily deals be a (This is a required step for entry for the giveaway).  Once you have gone to Blissmo and signed-up, please come back to this Veggie Grettie post and leave a comment telling me you have signed-up for their daily deals.

DISCOUNT – If you are itching to buy today’s product and don’t want to wait to see if you’ve won, Blissmo is offering the same package as the giveaway for 57% off today. Blissmo has also offered Veggie Grettie readers an additional 5% off (use the code “trybliss” at checkout).

To learn more about Skin Organics click here.

Please note that for the giveaway to “go live” there will need to be 40 Blissmo sign-ups.  The winner will be selected at random.

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44 responses to “BLISSMO GIVEAWAY – Skin Organics Skin-dulgence Package

  1. Dawn Andersen

    I have signed up for Blissmo’s daily deals. I LOVE you’re website and so glad Brooke told me about it, thank you for all the excellent tips and recipes!

  2. Mary

    Signed up today.

  3. Kelli

    Awesome, I just signed up!

  4. Tina

    I just signed up! I read your website daily, I live it!!!

  5. Nancy

    I just signed up! Thanks 🙂

  6. Jessica

    I signed up! I really enjoy reading this blog! It’s one of my favorites!

  7. Signed up for the Blissmo giveaway. Hope to win. They do have a “groupon” type special at 57% off good for 2 more days. Still hope to be one of the winners!!

  8. carol s

    i have signed up! glad to have found this website.

  9. Ashley

    signed up!

  10. I just found your blog and love it! I signed up for the BlissMo promo. Fingers crossed!!!

  11. Bridget

    I signed up for Blissmo’s daily deals; relatively new to Veggie Grettie; love the website

  12. Amanda

    Just signed up for Blissmo’s daily deals. 🙂 thanks!

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  14. Just signed up for Blissmo’s daily deals. This giveaway looks awesome!

  15. Sirica

    all signed up for blissmo! thanks 🙂

  16. Carrie

    I’ve just signed up for blissmo!

  17. Ashley

    I signed up! Here’s to hoping you get to 40!

  18. Melinda

    Just signed up for Blissmo!

  19. Christy

    i signed up for blissmo! thank you for the info!

  20. Becky

    I just signed up!

  21. Sarah F

    I signed-up for their daily deals. I so hope that I win :)!
    Sarah ~

  22. Julia

    I signed up for the daily deals!

  23. Martha Sobolow Friedman

    Signed up for deals.

  24. Michele

    I went to sign up for the free give-away and I couldn’t find the link. Did anyone else have this problem. I just entered my email address and it sent me directly to their site, that was it.

    • Hi Michele! It sounds like you did what you needed to do to enter the giveaway…by entering your e-mail address on the Blissmo site you signed-up for their Blissmo Daily Deals. You are entered 🙂

  25. Lacey

    I signed up! Thanks!

  26. Valerie

    I signed up! LOVE your website 🙂

  27. I signed up too thanks to you!

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  29. Amanda

    I just signed up 🙂

  30. Laura

    I went to the website, but I guess I was already signed up for Blissmo deals. Not sure if that counts…

  31. I’m all signed up! Wonderful blog you have here – cant wait to read more.

  32. flee1907

    I’m signed up! 😀


  34. robin alexix

    I signed up today! Love your site!

  35. Barbara

    I’m signed up

  36. Alessandra

    I just signed up! 🙂

  37. just signed up! thanks for sharing this. organic eco-friendly products tend to be so expensive, this is awesome!


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