Crunchy Candied Nuts

Crunchy Candied Nuts

These are the candied nuts that I use in my kale salad recipe.  The other night I ran out of candied nuts and put roasted nuts in the kale salad we were having with dinner…my family made it very clear to me that the candied nuts are an integral part of the kale salad!  So, today I needed to make some more candied nuts.


2 cups assorted raw nuts

1/3 cup coconut sugar

1/3 cup shredded coconut

2-3 Tbs water

1 tsp cinnamon


First measure out the raw nuts. 

Raw Nuts

Raw Nuts

In a separate bowl put the coconut sugar, shredded coconut, cinnamon, and water.  Mix well.

Sweet Coating Pre-Mix

Sweet Coating Pre-Mix

Mixed Sweet Coating

Mixed Sweet Coating

Combine the sweet coating with the raw nuts.  Mix well to coat.

Sweet Coating on the Raw Nuts

Sweet Coating on the Raw Nuts

Place the nuts on either a cookie sheet (I also use a silpat) or on a dehydrator tray with a ParaFlexx lining.

Place On A Baking Sheet

Place On A Baking Sheet

Or a Dehydrator Tray

Or a Dehydrator Tray

If you plan on baking the nuts, put them in the oven at 200 degrees.  You will need to watch the nuts carefully to make sure they do not burn.  The candied nuts will be done when the coating is no longer wet.  When you take them out of the oven to cool they will harden.  If they are not crunchy enough for you, return them to the oven for some additional baking time. 

If you will be using the dehydrator (I used my Excalibur), put the tray of nuts in the dehydrator at 115 degrees for 8-10 hours. Check the nuts after about 3-4 hours, take them off of the Paraflexx, and place them directly on the Polyscreen tray.  Once you remove the nuts from the dehydrator they will crisp as they cool. 

Into the Dehydrator

Into the Dehydrator

When the nuts have cooled, put them in a bag and store them in the freezer.

For a printable version of this recipe click here.


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10 responses to “CRUNCHY CANDIED NUTS


  2. Tina

    I had the crunchy candied nuts today and they were DELICIOUS!!

  3. so I made the kale salad last night – the flavor was delish! But the kale texture reminded us of chewing parsley… for some reason the picture made it seem like the leaves were more soft, almost like it was cooked…. any advice? Or is that just how it’s supposed to be?

    • How long ahead of time did you make the salad? Did you give it time to “marinate?” I usually make mine either the night before or the morning of the day we will be eating it. Make sure you put the nuts in right before serving so they don’t get soggy.

      • i made it the night before so it marinated and I added the avocado and cranberries just before, and the nuts immediately before serving. perhaps I didn’t smoosh enough when “hand tossing”… I’ll have to come check out your kale salad one of these days and see how you prepare it/how it looks in person 🙂

      • I mash and squish the heck out of it when I make it…no need to be delicate. I will definitely have you taste the one I make to see how they compare 🙂

  4. received my book today just wanted to say THANK YOU 🙂 I cant wait to read it!

  5. These sound great for any salad……or even as a snack! Will look forward to trying the recipe.

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