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Lunch With Kristin Lajeunesse of Will Travel For VEGAN Food

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In September of 2011 I posted about Kristin Lajeunesse and her quest to go on a year-long roadtrip traveling across the US eating at all of the vegan restaurants.  Kristin’s dream became a reality and she set off on her “Will Travel For Vegan Food” roadtrip aprroximately 14 months ago with plans to continue through May of next year.

While the roadtrip was still in the planning stages I contacted Kristin and offered to take her to lunch when she arrived in my neck of the woods.  Last week Kristin got in touch and we made lunch plans.

Wheel of Life Sign IMG_1352

On Tuesday I had the pleasure of meeting her for lunch at The Wheel of Life in Irvine.  I had never even heard of the restaurant and was happy to give it a try.  At lunch I had such a great time chatting her up about the roadtrip, veganism, our families, and life in general.  Kristin is a sweetheart.  I enjoyed her company so much that I contacted my parents and forwarded their information to Kristin so she can look them up when she makes her way to Santa Cruz.  Please consider reaching out to Kristin if you are interested in joining her for a meal when she arrives in your town (click HERE to contact her).

We ordered a noddle dish (they made it GFree for me, but it ended-up being a bit salty), spring rolls (which typically include faux meat…they were very accommodating in that they made 1/2 of them without faux meat for me), and a spicy curry which was REALLY tasty.  I was happy to learn that we were able to choose between white and brown rice (we opted for brown).  Overall the food was good.  Just typing about the curry is making me want more of it!

Wheel of Life Food Collage

For those of you interested in learning more about Kristin, there are plans in the works for me to interview her on my other site, Chic Vegan.

If you would like to learn more about where Kristin has eaten and where she plans on eating, click HERE.


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PLEASE SUPPORT – Will Travel For Vegan Food

I first heard about Will Travel For Vegan Food through Chic Vegan, and I remember being awed by the creator’s vision.  Basically, Kristen has plans to spend a year traveling the US while eating at all of the vegan restaurants in our great nation.  What a great idea!!!

I for one would love to take her out for a meal when she hits California.  Please consider supporting Kristen on her amazing journey…click here to pledge.


Have you ever had an idea that seems a little crazy, far-fetched but absolutely awesome? Did this idea keep you up at night and wake you early in the morning? You’d do almost anything to make this idea a reality but it seemed to be just out of reach…in SOME way?

Well, I have one of those ideas. Some people tell me it’s crazy. But I think it’s undeniably awesome.

My name is Kristin I am a food and travel enthusiast. And when I say I love food I mean, really love food. I take pictures of it when I go out to eat  and when I’m cooking at home. Anyway, I’ve spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to combine these two passions while also helping others. And I’ve finally found a way.

A few months ago I decided that I’m going to celebrate 5 years of being vegan with a road trip. An EPIC road trip.

I’m selling ALL of my crap and hittin’ the road for a 1 year long, food focused road trip across the country.

The plan is to attempt to eat at all of the 100% vegan restaurant in every major US city.

I‘ll be writing and video blogging about the journey, every step of the way, writing food reviews, interviewing restaurant owners, other vegan business owners, and volunteering at farm sanctuaries and other animal rescues, as well.

The goal is to help spread awareness about veganism and all of the amazing restaurants and other vegan businesses throughout the country.

The journey is schedule to end on October 28th, 2012 – which is my 30th birthday – with an over the top charity party dedicated to raise money for an animal sanctuary. I’m hoping that my road trip will stir up enough attention so that by the end, we’ll have a big bash to celebrate veganism, the animals, the environment, and our health!

But I need your help. In order to pursue this crazy dream I quit my full-time, 9-5. I’m still doing some freelance work but I’ve come to realize that this 365 day journey will require more funding so that I can safely make my way across the country.

I’ve already heard from a few folks who’ve said that this a journey they’ve dreamed of taking. Well, if you’re one of those people, don’t hesitate… because, if you back my trip by donating through Kickstarter, I’ll happily take you along on the journey with me. Literally!

And I’ve got a few other things in store for my backers, including home cooked meals, by yours truly; sponsorship listings my website, and more.

If you know of others who might be interested in supporter this journey, please help spread the word by posting this project to Facebook and Twitter.

“If you want it badly enough, and are willing to make some changes in your life to cause it to happen, you too can take over the world…or do anything else you really to do. The only things you’ll need to give up are assumptions, expectations, and the comfort zone that holds you back from greatness.” – Chris Guillebeau.

I’ve set the goal at $9,682 because a few generous people have already made donations to the trip on their own, so I’ve subtracted those donations from the original goal.


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