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PRODUCT REVIEW – Virgil’s Zero Diet Sodas

I am not a big soda drinker, however I do enjoy a root beer float from time to time since soda seems more like dessert to me than a drink to quench my thirst. ¬†Reed’s recently sent us some of their Virgil’s Zero all natural sodas to try. ¬† I have to say that I really enjoyed making floats with Virgil’s Zero Rootbeer and their Black Cherry Cream Soda¬†along with some So Delicious Vanilla Bean Coconut Milk Ice Cream. ¬†My kids were on cloud nine when they came home from school and I handed them root beer floats.

What I really like about Virgil’s sodas is that they are sweetened with Stevia and their ingredient list is small and pronounceable!!! ¬†If I am going to have soda as a treat I don’t want it to be loaded with sugar and artificial flavors. ¬†Virgil’s Zero Sodas have:

“No preservatives, no caffeine and no artificial anything in addition to being gluten free!”

The flavors that we were sent to try were Virgil’s Zero:

  • RootbeerSuper yum!
  • Cream SodaJust like the original I remember as a kid
  • Black Cherry Cream Sodagreat flavor and really nice with vanilla ice cream
  • Real ColaOur least favorite…my husband (aka Mr. Diet Pepsi) was not a fan…bummer because I would really like to get him off Diet Pepsi.
  • Dr. BetterMy son LOVED this one.

I recommend you give these sodas a try if you are looking for a better alternative to conventional soda and diet soda which are loaded with HFCS and artificial sweeteners respectively.

For more information about Virgil’s Zero brand sodas¬†click here.


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