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PRODUCT REVIEW – Repurpose Cups

I wished that I could say I never buy disposable cups, but I can’t. ¬†Every year we host a big holiday party and I buy a ginormous amount of hot cups for the coffee / tea / cocoa / hot cider station that we set-up. ¬†And then for the rest of the year I use those cups when cruising about town to kid activities and mommy activities. ¬†I do try to keep the use of those cups to the times when I will be out of the house, but I have always wished for a better option (other than the reuseable hot drink mug I know I should be using).

I seriously had no idea that there was a better option out there until I was contacted by Repurpose.  Repurpose really does have the coolest green coffee cup around and I was excited to find out that they are carried at Bed, Bath and Beyond (I need to get out more).  They also carry cold cups and different variations of both hot and cold cups.

You have to appreciate their motto…Reuse First, Repurpose Second. ¬†A little bit of background:

“Repurpose was founded in 2009 by a group of young environmental entrepenuers, looking for quality solutions to the problem of single use petroleum based plastic products. After searching and finding few quality and cost competitive compostable solutions, they decided to manufacture their own. Repurpose was born with its mission to replace all single use disposable plastics with high quality, innovative, plant based alternatives. Repurpose makes products from plants, not petroleum, using Ingeo resin and meet ASTM 6400 compostability standards.”

Repurpose is also holding a photo contest on their Facebook page and the winner will receive an iPad 2! ¬†They are looking for entries consisting of everyday objects that have been “repurposed” into new and creative uses… inventive ways to repurpose what might otherwise be considered disposable. ¬†Lovely idea.

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