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Soy Sauce Solution COLLAGE

I don’t know about your kids, but my kiddos like to do as much for themselves as possible…pouring their own drinks, saucing their own food, etc. (of course that doesn’t always apply to cleaning and chores).

Low sodium tamari (we use that since it is a gluten-free soy-sauce substitute) makes an appearance at our dinner table quite often and for the longest time that meant over-poured tamari aka tamari rice soup.

I wished I could remember for sure where I heard this tip (I think it was at the Healthy Lifestyle Expo last year).  Put the tamari / soy-sauce in a spray bottle.

It works like a charm.  There are no tamari spills anymore and you tend to use MUCH less in general since the tamari is evenly distributed on the top of your rice.  That is good news.  Even better news is the fact that using a spray bottle for your tamari results in putting less sodium in your body.

Do you have any fun food tips?  Any tricks your family uses?



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