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After attending Chef AJ’s cooking class (click here¬†to read the post about it)¬†we were hanging out at her house when she mentioned a vegan soft serve place nearby…my ears perked right up. ¬†Everyone starting raving about how amazing the vegan ice cream was and that it was made with sweet potatoes as a base. ¬†I was in like Flynn.

We headed over to Hugo’s to get some amazing soft serve vegan ice cream. ¬†They serve chocolate, vanilla, or a swirl of the two (which I opted for). ¬†It was AMAZING and so creamy!!! ¬†I can’t wait to take my family next time I am up in the LA area with them.

While we were there we ran into one of Chef AJ’s friends, Chef Rawsheed¬†who is a celebrity raw chef and leader within the raw movement having founded Sun Power Natural Cafe. ¬†Chef Rawsheed is on the left in the picture below along with Nick whom I met at the class.

Hugo’s vegan ice cream stand is in Studio City at the 101 and Coldwater. ¬†While I haven’t eaten an actual meal at one of their restaurants (they have 3 locations), their¬†menu looks great and is filled with lots of vegan and vegetarian options. ¬†I am going to have to have lunch AND ice cream next time I go.

I also hear that there is a vegan ice cream parlor called Atomic Number 7 in Henderson Nevada, so you can bet we will check that out too the next time we are in Vegas.


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