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Dried apples are so yummy. ¬†With our recent trip to the apple orchard (click here for the post), I had a TON of apples to use and since we all love dried apples, we thought we would try to make some. ¬†One of the great things about dried apples is that you needn’t worry about whether or not the apples you use are pretty (clearly the one below was not)…all that matters is that the apples are tasty.

My parents bought me an apple peeler (NORPRO Apple Master) ¬†while at the orchard and it has quickly become one of my favorite kitchen gadgets…it makes the peeling, coring, and slicing of the apples as easy as pie (sorry, I couldn’t help it). ¬†When prepping the apples all we had to do was push them onto the gadget, spin the handle, ¬†take the cut apple off and slice it down the middle to make little moons. ¬†The slicer also makes the cuts perfectly uniform which means that the dehydrating time is even for all of the slices.

While the apples were nice and sweet on their own, we thought we’d sweeten them-up a little bit more by making a syrup from the fresh cider that we pressed at the orchard. ¬†All we did was pour some cider into a saucepan with some cinnamon and simmer it until it reduced down to a syrup.

We poured the syrup over the apple slices and them tossed it all together.

We then placed the slices on the mesh trays of my Excalibur dehydrator and dehydrated them at 115 degrees until they were as done as we liked. ¬†I wish I took note of the exact timing, but I didn’t. ¬†I believe it took about 4-6 hours.

The dried apples turned out perfectly with a touch of extra sweet and cinnamon.  The kids love it when I put them in their lunches.


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