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I am so excited to offer this wonderful giveaway courtesy of Green Kid Crafts (Click HERE for my product review).  Green Kid Crafts will be giving away 1 PLANET-FRIENDLY CRAFT BOX to one lucky winner.

Founded in 2010, green kid crafts is the original craft subscription company.  With Green Kid Crafts, parents and kids can enjoy planet-friendly (they offset 100% of the CO2 they generate), monthly projects that spark creativity and cultivate respect and love for the environment.  All materials are included in the package, making it one-stop shopping for child engagement.

Monthly memberships are available for $19.95.  Gift subscriptions are also available for three, six, or twelve months.  Check them out at http://www.greenkidcrafts.com .

Use code: SUMMER and get $10 off your first craft box!!!

***** HOW TO ENTER *****

  1. Visit the Green Kid Crafts website (click HERE) and let them know what craft project you would like to see Green Kid Crafts create next by e-mailing your suggestions to penny@greenkidcrafts.com (REQUIRED TO ENTER GIVEAWAY).  Leave a comment below stating that you have done this.
  2. “Like” Green Kid Crafts on Facebook (click HERE)…this will gain you and EXTRA entry. ¬†Leave a comment below stating you have completed this.
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This giveaway is limited to residents of the United States.  The giveaway will run through midnight PST, Tuesday AUGUST 19th.

The winner will be announced Wednesday August 20, 2012


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Penny Bauder, the CEO of Green Kid Crafts contacted me recently about doing a review of their service.  My children have always really enjoyed craft projects, so I jumped at the chance to try their service.

What a gift to be sent pre-organized crafts! ¬†The kids were thrilled when the box arrived and even more thrilled to learn that one of the crafts was pirate themed….Arrrrrr Matey!

For those of you unfamiliar with Green Kid Crafts, here is the description of their service from their website:

With Green Kid Crafts, your child will receive at least 3 inspiring projects each month that will engage them with the world and with nature. Every month is a new surprise and all the crafts are projects kids and parents love! Included are all the materials needed to complete an earth-friendly craft with some parental supervision (some of the tasks will require more supervision than others), instructions, and material disclosure information. The only thing you will need to provide is glue and scissors. Projects are composed of non-toxic, natural, and sustainable supplies. Each project is designed and made by hand, giving 100% love and attention to each one. 

As described above, the kit we received contained three entirely different craft themes:

  1. Pirate Loot – the materials for a pirate hat, making coins, and an eye patch
  2. Wooden wind chimes
  3. All About Me Scrapbook

Of course my buccaneers zeroed in on the pirate craft first.  It was fun to watch the kids work cooperatively on the eye patch.  Once that was done I swooped-in to help my little one make the hat and coins.

In addition to the projects they prepare ahead of time for you, Green Kid Crafts also sends a book filled with more craft ideas to go with the themes. ¬†My son decided to work on one of their suggestions…a pirate map. ¬†He had a lot of fun trying to make it look distressed and my daughter loved the results.

When I first opened the box I thought we would blow through all of the crafts in an hour or so, but as it turns out, we didn’t. ¬†We had so much fun rolling with the pirate theme and ended-up working on it for a few hours…long enough that I was able to put away the other crafts to use on the next two weekends.

I see the brilliance in this service. ¬†There are so many of us out there that really enjoy doing crafts with our children, but don’t have the time or creativity to prepare them. ¬†With Green Kid Crafts monthly service you get three separate crafts each month and don’t have to shop for supplies, etc. ¬†While my first box was a gift from the company, I signed-up for the monthly service (costs $19.95/mo.). ¬†I know my kids will enjoy spending time with me making crafts.

A fun little teaser they have is to include a card in the box¬†cluing¬†you in to the theme for the next month’s craft…

What do you think?  Is this a service you would be interested in???

Click HERE to see some of our GREEN KID CRAFTS!

Click HERE to join.


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