This time of year screams “brunch.”  I am sure many of you went to Easter brunch and brunch for Mother’s Day.  I think brunch might be one of my son’s favorite words…I know it was mine when I was his age…so many choices!

When I am invited to someones home for brunch I usually volunteer to bring a large mixed fruit bowl.  There are a few reasons why I do this;  fruit is so good and sweet now, most people I know love fruit, I like to eat fruit in the morning, and if I bring a big platter of fruit I know I will have something to eat.

Many people are intimidated by hosting someone with a vegan diet.  If someone has gone to the trouble to invite us into their home,  they want us to enjoy ourselves AND have food we can eat, so why not take some of the pressure off of the host / hostess and bring a dish that is vegan and can be enjoyed by all of the guests?

The picture above is a mixed fruit bowl I brought over to our friend’s house for Easter Brunch.  I had my husband carry it in and he was shocked by how heavy it was.  The mixed fruit bowl contained a pineapple, watermelon, 6 mangoes, 4 bananas, red grapes, and 2 cantaloupes!  Shockingly there really wasn’t that much of it left after the party. 

I’d love to hear from you…What dish do you offer to bring when you are invited to someone’s home for brunch?


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5 responses to “WHAT TO BRING TO BRUNCH?

  1. My problem with fresh fruit and berries is I have no sense of control. I will simply stand there and munch away. So yes, you are the type I heart at get togethers 😉

  2. Fresh fruit is always a great choice, and your salad looks great!

    For a vegan dish, marinated mushrooms is always a good brunch choice. I like to use the button variety (white or bellas), and mix with some sort of flavored vinegar (red wine is a fav) and garlic. Simple is better.

    For a vegetarian dish, I like to bring quiche. Check out this great recipe for an artichoke, red pepper and potato quiche at: http://kelleychisholm.wordpress.com/2011/03/26/artichoke-potato-and-red-pepper-quiche/

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