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As I mentioned a little while ago, I have become a “Pinner.” ¬†Pinterest is such a wonderful source of neat tips and tricks. ¬†One of the people I follow on Pinterest pinned something about natural cleaning solutions and that pin brought me to it’s original source, a blog called “One Good Thing By Jillee.” ¬†I have learned a lot from Jillee these past few months. ¬†Though we don’t follow the same eating plan (her cooking posts aren’t usually relevant to me), her cleaning posts, sewing posts, crafty posts, make your own bathroom products posts, etc. are nothing short of inspiring.

At the beginning of May I received a post in my inbox from Jillee explaining how to remove sticker goo. ¬†I have 30+ jars in my cabinets that need to have their stickers removed. ¬†For some reason I can’t bring myself to even recycle them because I feel like I will come-up with a way to repurpose them for gifts or storage…I have a problem…I am a hoarder of glass containers (and plastic strawberry baskets…is there a classroom in need of these???).

Jillee’s photographic evidence prompted me to give her method a try and it worked like a charm. ¬†I picked a Vegenaise Jar as my first victim.

  1. Peel off the paper / plastic coating (No need to be perfect here)
  2. Run the offending jar through the dishwasher in an attempt to get rid of some of the offending glue (I opted to just run my jar under warm water and scrub it with a scrub brush to get rid of the paper).
  3. Rub a thin layer of PEANUT BUTTER over all of the stickered (Is that a word?) areas.
  4. Leave the jar and peanut butter alone for 10-15 minutes.
  5. Rub off the peanut butter and use the abrasive side of a soapy sponge to scrub off the remaining sticker goo while running it under warm water
  6. Voila…sticker free jar!

It totally worked. ¬†I now have plans to tackle the rest of my sticker-laden jar collection. ¬†I plan on placing them in the sink to soak in warm water so the paper comes off easily and then will lube ’em all up in PB and be rid of their stickers once and for all so they are ready for whatever I can think of to repurpose them.

Here’s a public apology to all of you who have¬†received¬†gifts of food from me in glass jars covered in brown paper labels because I was too lazy to scrub at the sticker goo for hours. ¬†I promise it will never happen again because I now know how to tackle this problem!!!

And now I finally have a need to purchase the ultra-cheap by icky hydrogenated fat peanut butter…my jars are getting the¬†artery-clogging peanut butter treatment because it is too hard for me to part with my beloved Organic All-Natural PB…but it was worth it for this trial.


NOTE – I also recently tried this with coconut oil and was happy with the results as well!!!

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