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I have an admission to make…history proves that I have not paid much attention to my silk plants.

True confessions; It has been 10 years since I cleaned the silk plant in the pictures below.  I am extremely Type-A in most areas of my life and like to keep a very clean home, but I never seem to know what to do with my silk plants.

Once upon a time I bought an aerosol silk plant cleaner, but I didn’t like it very much because it seemed like it was just an aerosol oil of sorts and it was really expensive.

I spent the last week redoing my son’s room and was forced to tackle his silk plant.  I couldn’t have a dusty plant in his newly refurbed room!

So I went to work on Google and looked-up how to clean silk plants.  I came across several ideas, but there was one that stood out to me as being really cheap and really simple.

It was time to test it out.



Spray bottle
Isopropyl alcohol (I bought a two pack at Costco)


  1. Fill the spray bottle with equal parts isopropyl alcohol and water
  2. Liberally spray the plant with the solution
  3. Repeat as necessary

The dust should run right off of the plant and the alcohol makes the plant dry quickly.

Silk Plant Cleaner Collage 1

So did it work?  I tried this method with all of the silk plants in my home (I have about 6) and it worked beautifully with most of them.  The plant in my son’s room still had a film on some of the leaves (see the bottom right image in the picture above) which I needed the rub off with a cloth, but the plants in my home which were not 10 years thick with dust did have a successful outcome with this method.

Silk Plant Cleaner Collage 2

Since this fix is so cheap and easy, I will most definitely keep up with the cleaning on my silk plants and I know if I do this regularly, all I will have to do is a quick spray and they will stay nice.

How often do you clean your silk plants and which method/product do you use?


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