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Happy New Year to all of you!

I really enjoy the beginning of a new year and how it naturally encourages me reflect upon the previous year while at the same time considering of how I hope the new year will unfold.

I have made it a habit to begin the year with a cleanse. ¬†I posted about my cleanse last year and am in the midst of a cleanse which follows the same principals as that one…fruits and vegetables. ¬†Plain and simple.

My family and I were driving home on January 1st from visiting my sister and her family (a long car ride to be sure, but we made record time), so I didn’t begin preparations for the cleanse until January 2nd. ¬†Luckily I had enough fruit on hand that day to begin the cleanse before I had a chance to grocery shop.

January 2nd was spent grocery shopping, steaming corn, water-sauteing shredded cabbage with onions, baking quartered mushrooms, roasting squash on my Silpats instead of using oil, and chopping fruits and vegetables.

I just completed day 3 of the cleanse and plan on continuing through next Friday at the earliest (which would make 10 days), but may do the cleanse for 14 days…we will see how I feel after 10 days.

I truly love how eating this way makes me feel.  Sure, there can be cravings to deal with, but when I crave something sweet I have a banana or some dates.

The net effect is so worth it.

If you are interested in learning more about the cleanse I follow, click the links below:

Remember…keep it simple and uncomplicated. ¬†Eat food in its natural state and DON’T GO HUNGRY!!!


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