As a rule I am not a big consumer of mock meats, however from time to time I do crave a hot dog and Oktoberfest is the perfect excuse to indulge my German roots.

A few days ago after a long day of shuttling the kids to and from their activities we came home and as the kids settled into the couch for some reading time I put together dinner in a matter of minutes.

My family does not share my love of sauerkraut, but that just meant more for me…I LOVE IT!!!  If my mom and sis were here with me we would have been fighting over the last bite.

My meal consisted of:

Jumbo Smart Dogs by Lightlife

Bubbies Sauerkraut (It has a nice crunch to it)

Udi’s Classic Hot Dog Buns

Beer and Brat Spicy Mustard


It tasted so good!  While I am not a beer drinker, PeTA has a listing of vegan beers that I thought might be of interest to some of you  (click here for the listing).

What are your Oktoberfest plans?


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  1. Connie Batiste

    Thank you…I just figured out what we’re having for dinner….and since I am the only German in the house….I, too, get all the sauerkraut to myself!

  2. It was not quite Oktoberfest, but we did celebrate the Fall Harvest with Pumpkin Ale and an amazing vegan meal prepared directly from garden to table. Six of us harvested, cooked and celebrated autumn with Cannellini-Kale Soup w/Garlic Crisps, a Kale/Broccoli/Leek salad with Tahini dressing, homemade Ciabatta bread, roasted beets with thyme, yellow beans in a leek-mint vinaigrette with toasted walnuts, a corn-chipotle risotto, and an apple/raspberry crisp. The celebration of food and friendship lasted for six fun and delicious hours!

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