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I was first introduced to¬†Hugo Naturals¬†in 2011 when I first attended¬†Natural Products Expo West.¬†¬†Hugo and Debra Saavedra, the founders of the company were so warm and inviting when I visited their gorgeous booth. ¬†I could tell from the instant that I met them that they absolutely loved their company and products. ¬†Debra spent a great deal of time with me going over their products and why they were so proud of the fact that they were the first body care company to¬†remove all traces of gluten from their products¬†(certified by¬†the Celiac Sprue Association, or CSA, the largest celiac support organization in the United States). ¬†That really resonated with me. ¬†Never before had it occurred to me that I needed to be careful about the lotions, etc. that I used on my gluten intolerant daughter’s skin, but it made so much sense. ¬†Our skin is our largest organ…of course it matters what we put on it!!!

Flash forward to this year’s expo and in my opinion, Hugo Naturals once again had the most gorgeous booth in the entire expo (the pictures just do not do it justice). ¬†This year Hugo walked me around the booth and showed me the amazing soap carvings that had been and were being made right before my eyes…gorgeous!

I enjoy their products so much that this year I gave my friend Jodie some of their bath products for her birthday…Hugo’s¬†fizzy bath bombs¬†are out of this world, so naturally I had to make sure I included one in her gift bag.

One of my children was sick for a few days this past week and when I suggested that they take a bath to help make them feel better they asked me if I had any of those “awesome fizzy bath balls” for the bath. ¬†Regrettably¬†I ran out (time to re-stock!), but that lets you know how truly wonderful they are.

Besides the fact that I thoroughly enjoy their products, I feel good about purchasing them because their entire product line is vegan, and is also certified cruelty-free by the Coalition for Consumer Information on Ingredients (LeapingBunny.org). Hugo Naturals has also completely removed soy (and gluten) from their recipes.

Hugo Naturals has very graciously offered to provide a wonderful giveaway to one lucky Veggie Grettie reader.

The following FULL SIZE products will go to one lucky winner:


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