VEGAN CHOCOLATE MOUSSE CUPS – Using Sweetriot Chocolate

I thought I would share with you the dessert I made for us to have tonight after our Christmas Eve meal.  With all of the treats we have been indulging in, I wanted to offer a yummy dessert, but have it just be a few decadent bites vs. a huge piece of cake or pie.

I based the recipe for my “Healthier” Chocolate Mousse on my Chocolate Mousse Frosting recipe (click HERE for that recipe).  I made some alterations to the recipe to make it slightly sweeter and more chocolaty…think dark chocolate.

This mousse is firm, but that is how I wanted it so it would retain its shape when piped.

I used Sweetriot Dark chocolate to make the mousse and I have to tell you that their chocolate absolutely rocks my world and it is vegan, gluten-free, kosher, and their company is carbon-free to boot.

I like to consider myself a bit of a chocolate aficionado and this chocolate hits the mark.  Not only is their chocolate amazing, but they are amazing too!

  • They use premium, high quality, and all-natural ingredients.
  • They believe in fair trade with developing countries.
  • They celebrate culture and diversity through their products.
  • They create sweet experiences for their customers, partners and employees.
  • They are socially responsible.
  • And they are young at heart, energetic, down-to-earth and contribute to the greater good.
And let me tell ya…their chocolate makes a killer chocolate mousse!  Without further ado…

INGREDIENTS – Makes 4 1/2 cups

14 ounce package of extra firm tofu (I used Wildwood)
1 cup vegan chocolate OR chocolate chips (I used Sweetriot 85% DARK chocolate that I chopped-up finely)
2cups coconut milk or soy milk (vanilla or chocolate)
6 Tbs. cacao powder
6 packets Sweetleaf stevia
Chocolate cups for serving

Melt the chocolate over a double boiler.

While the chocolate is melting, blend the remaining ingredients in a high speed blender until very smooth (I used my Vitamix). Use the center agitator and stop blending a few times in order to scrape down the sides.

Once the chocolate has melted, add it to the rest of the ingredients in the blender and blend until smooth, scraping down the sides as needed. The mixture will now be warm and not quite yet the consistency of pudding.

To serve the dessert as pudding, pour the mixture into a glass container and allow it to cool in the fridge for 20-30 minutes to thicken.

If using this recipe as mousse, keep it in the fridge for several hours to overnight so it firms-up completely. Prior to piping, you may whip the mousse with a handheld mixer to whip some air into it (this is not necessary, but optional).

Pipe the mousse into chocolate cups or the container of your choosing and serve.

For a printable version of this recipe click here.


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19 responses to “VEGAN CHOCOLATE MOUSSE CUPS – Using Sweetriot Chocolate

  1. Yum! This chocolate mousse looks and sounds so delicious. I will definitely have to give it a try.

  2. This looks awesome! I just pinned this on pinterest!

  3. This is beautiful! What kind of device do you use for piping?

  4. Yumm, I’ve always been curious about using tofu to make chocolate mousse. Yours look delicious and gorgeous!

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  7. Helen

    I have just made a batch of this for our lunch tomorrow (it’s Mother’s Day in the UK tomorrow!) and as both my Mum and I don’t eat sugar and I am vegan this looked a great recipe. I adapted it slightly as I used Hazelnut Milk and added some Hazelnut Extract that I had in the pantry. It tastes amazing, thanks so much for such a wonderful recipe.

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  9. this was the recipe i made for SRC today! it was delish. thanks 🙂

  10. Always looking for healthier treat recipes. Yum!

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  13. Sophia Gilbertsen

    How did you make the cups?

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