I received an amazing and inspiring e-mail the day after Christmas from a Veggie Grettie reader.  A while back Melissa contacted me through the website and she and I  have become cyber-friends.  I really enjoy hearing from her about her progress.  Melissa has agreed to allow me to share her e-mail with all of you.

As a quick side-note, I have been wanting to share the photo above with all of you for a long time now and was just waiting for the right post.  A few months ago I was shopping at Mother’s Market and came across this heart-shaped potato…you would have thought I happened upon a real gem because I was so excited…Isn’t Mother Nature amazing?!?!?!?!


Couldn’t wait to let you know what a wonderful Christmas gift my husband (the meat eating/hunter) gave to me. He sat down and watched Forks over Knifes with me. I had been telling him how my lifestyle change was not me becoming a PETA spokesperson (even though I really like a lot of what they stand for) but it was about becoming a healthier/happier and more compassionate person.

Anyway, after the movie he turned to me and said “Okay” and I asked him what he was talking about and he said “Okay, I’ll do it, I’ll give up meat and dairy too”. It was WONDERFUL!!!!!.

Last night we got out all of my Vegan cookbooks and I showed him excerpts from the Kind Diet and Eating Animals and we started making a list of things he would like to try.

I am so excited and so grateful!! Please encourage those who are struggling with family to at least watch “Forks over Knifes” with them… I would have never believed it would make such an impact.

Here is to a wonderfully blessed and animal product free NEW YEAR!!!! Yea!!

I will keep you posted as Jerry and I embark on this journey together.



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  1. Christina D

    Oh that is so wonderful! Makes me want to go watch Fork Over Knives right now. I tried to get people to watch Earthlings but I think it was too blunt for many. Just got my copy of Kind Diet signed by Alicia Silverstone in the mail today!

    • Hi Christina! I agree that Earthlings can be a bit hard to take for some (but a fantastic movie). I highly recommend Forks Over Knives and LOVE that if you have Netflix you can stream it live!

  2. I love that you found a heart-shaped potatoe. What a beautiful potato and a beautiful picture! Most importantly, what an amazing letter. I haven’t seen the movie but her heartfelt letter makes me want to.

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