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I recently made some purchases through Ethical Ocean and I am really happy with them…So happy that I thought I’d encourage any of you still needing to do some last minute shopping to cruise on over to the Ethical Ocean website.  Of course this is pretty last minute to buy product as a gift, but you can definitely buy your loved ones some gift certificates.

For those of you not familiar with Ethical Ocean


Our purchasing decisions affect our society and the planet.

It’s up to each of us to know what we are buying and why—and how each product we spend our dollars on impacts other people, animals, and the environment.

But that doesn’t mean we have to know everything. We can share our knowledge, and ideas, to help one another choose wisely. That’s what Ethical Ocean is all about.


Presented here is a collection of the most ethical products in North America. Every product on our website must qualify for at least one of our three designations: Good for People, Good for Animals or Good for the Environment. Sellers are thoroughly screened before being allowed to sell on our site.

Each of our product pages includes a story: explaining what the product does, where it comes from, and what the seller is doing to positively impact the globe. You’ll also see third-party certifications, if applicable.

If one of our designations—say, Good for Animals—matters more to you than the other two, you can search just for products that meet that designation. Otherwise, browse though our thousands of offerings and see what sparks your imagination.

While you’re at it, check out through our hundreds of articles and blog entries too. There you’ll find all the information and inspiration you need to live the fullest, funnest—and most ethical—life you can.

I bought the two T-shirts and a coin-purse (so cute!) pictured within this post.  If you are interested in purchasing these items, click the pictures and it will bring you to the specific product on the Ethical Ocean site.

Happy holidays to you all!


Images courtesy of Ethical Ocean


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4 responses to “ETHICAL OCEAN – For Last Minute Gifts

  1. love graphic tshirts! and these are so inspirational! i shall be making a last minute purchase! i sincerely thank you! x

  2. ps: the ‘last minute purchase’ is for moi. 😉 haha!

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