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The Natural Products Expo West was a blast!  My friend and I walked the exhibits together which was a lot of fun (She is a yoga goddess and the owner of Om My Soul), and I was able to make some great contacts.  I tried so many products while at the expo and brought sooooooo many more home to try later.  This expo was crazy huge.

I was most surprised by how great all of the body care products were…we have come a LONG way in that arena!¬† I expected to go in to the expo and focus all of my time on food products, when in reality I ended-up¬†spending nearly¬†as much time investigating the body care¬†products.¬†

As I mentioned, I think I will be posting some¬†wonderful¬†food product reviews in the coming weeks, but I also must express some disappointment.¬†¬†As the day went on I became more and more bummed about¬†the fact that¬†so many¬†of the products at the expo¬†were being marketed as “healthy” when in fact they were (i.e.) just overly processed “organic” cookies.¬† Taking a cookie and making it organic or gluten-free¬†does not make the cookie healthy…it is still a sugar-laden processed cookie.¬† Products such as these will not solve our country’s health epidemic, rather they will exacerbate it because people will¬†begin eating these cookies or bars and probably eat MORE of them believing them¬†to be “healthy” (since that is how they are being marketed).

That being said, I did find some wonderful whole food products at the expo¬†that I¬†can’t wait to tell you about.¬† There are also some new and exciting fruit sweeteners coming into play.

Check out all of the loot I came home with…

I will start sampling some more of the products in the coming days.  I am going to need to spread this out since I am not the type to just take one bite and throw the rest away (wasting stinks!).  I must be one of the luckiest girls in the world!

If any of you were able to go to the convention I would love to hear from you.


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