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Every once in a while I stumble upon something that ends up really working for me.  Recently I have been reducing the amount of fat in my diet (in an attempt to get more swimsuit ready) and I have been missing the thickness that avocado gives to my smoothies.  I have found a suitable replacement texture-wise and that is to add clear fiber to my smoothies.

Fiber is always a good thing when it comes to health as it provides for:

 Better weight management
Healthier blood sugar levels
Enhanced energy
Increased regularity
Lower cholesterol
And a general feeling of well being

While the fiber does not provide the creaminess that the avocado does, it helps thicken my green smoothies and the fiber helps keep me full.

I was sent the Organic Clear Fiber by Renew Life to test a while ago and that is what I have been using lately.¬† Other popular¬†brands of clear fiber that are widely available are Metamucil¬†and Benefiber.¬† After doing some research I am very impressed with the Organic Clear Fiber by Renew Life because it is truly gluten-free and organic.¬† Benefiber claims to be gluten-free, however on the label it states “Gluten-free (less than 20 ppm gluten).”¬† Many people with gluten allergies can’t tolerate ANY gluten, so this is something to watch for.

Lately my green smoothie consists of:

1 cup So Delicious coconut milk

1/2 cucumber or 1 zucchini

1-2 cups spinach or romaine

2 scoops vegan protein powder (Plant Fusion, Sun Warrior, or Vega…I often mix them)

3 packets Sweetleaf Stevia (My favorite brand because it does not turn bitter)

3 tsp Organic Clear Fiber

1 tsp each spirulina and chlorella

1/2 frozen banana

2-3 handfuls of ice


Place everything in the blender (with the exception of the banana and ice).¬† I usually layer my smoothies in the container like this…liquid, some of the veggies, all the powders, the rest of the veggies.¬† Blend until COMPLETELY smooth.¬† Now add the banana (break into chunks first) and blend to incorporate, then add the ice and blend until smooth.

You will be surprised by how filling this is.¬† Oftentimes I can’t finish it in one sitting and end up saving some in the fridge for my afternoon snack.

To learn more about Renew Life click HERE.

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Photo Courtesy of Mammothmountain.com

Photo Courtesy of Mammothmountain.com

I love to travel, but no matter how much I enjoy traveling, doing so is stressful…the packing, running to catch a plane or being in closed quarters in the car for hours, making sure the kids are ok, etc. ¬†The last thing I want to do is get sick on a trip or come home from a trip with a cold as a souvenir.

So…there are a few things I do to ensure that I stay well. ¬†On our last skiing trip to Mammoth two of the pieces of luggage that accompanied us were coolers. ¬†There are of course times when it is possible to pack for every meal, but on this trip I knew I would be limited to a mini-bar fridge. ¬†Since I knew my storage options were limited, I chose to bring the most nutrient dense foods possible to balance the restaurant food I knew I would be eating.

Green juice and green smoothies were on the top of my list.  When I got to the Westin Monache, they went straight into the mini-bar freezer.  Each night before bed I would take them out of the freezer and they were thawed and ready for me in the morning.

My Green Smoothies & Green Juice

My Green Smoothies & Green Juice

I also brought a healthy dinner of veggie soup, kale salad, and fresh baked bread. ¬†I myself will probably stick to the soup and salad. ¬†I don’t know about you, but my family is usually too tired to go out to dinner on the first night of skiing, so I always like to bring a healthy dinner with us if possible.

Our After Skiing Meal (veggie soup, kale salad, bread...no bread for me)

Our After Skiing Meal (veggie soup, kale salad, bread...no bread for me)

When I made the soup a home I vacuum packed it and froze it flat. ¬†The soup was then able to act as my “ice” for the cooler and thus did not waste space. ¬†It doesn’t look very appetizing in the picture below, but trust me, it was yummy!

Vacuum Packed Frozen Veggie Soup

Vacuum Packed Frozen Veggie Soup

You would be amazed what you can pack into a mini-fridge.  My fridge has eggs, whole wheat tortillas, Daiya cheese, kale salad (the soup is still in the cooler), prepared oatmeal, peanut butter, gluten free bread, gluten free rolls,  coconut water, almond milk, green juice and smoothies (in the freezer section), avocados, blueberries, and strawberries.

Packed Mini-Fridge

Packed Mini-Fridge

Close-up of Packed Mini-Fridge

Close-up of Packed Mini-Fridge

The next time you go on a road trip, don’t forget to bring your powerhouse foods!

Of course traveling by plane changes it a bit, but I have tips for that too…more on that later.


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