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MY NEXT WORKOUT PLAN – Jamie Eason’s From Flat to All That

Jamie Eason photo courtesy of BodyBuilding.com

I like to change my workouts up every 4-8 weeks and tomorrow is the beginning of a new workout for me. ¬†I have spent several months focused mainly on my legs and building-up my glutes using techniques from Bret Contreras’s¬†book, Strong Curves, which I used as a reference to¬†create my own workouts and decided that this time I will try and (mostly) follow a plan from BodyBuilding.com vs. creating my own workouts.

I have been lifting predominantly low rep and heavy weight for months now, so this new plan by Jamie Eason called From Flat to All That will be a departure from my norm in that the workouts for the first two weeks have rep ranges of 15-20.  Jamie and her husband are going to be doing these workouts as well, so you may want to follow her in Instagram for motivation.

I am a creature of habit to an extent and like to record my workouts on paper (so un-technical I know). ¬†I created a workout log just as I normally do and thought I’d share it with all of you in case you would like to do the workouts with me as well (see below for the link to the PDF). ¬†I did make a few modifications to Jamie’s workout since I love glute bridges and wanted to make sure they remain a part of my program. ¬†I also like to do HIIT and ab training 2-3 times a week, so I added that in. ¬†She has her rest days as Wednesdays and Sundays (Saturday is an optional rest day as well), however I like to workout Monday through Saturday so I added in some more HIIT and ab work.

I’d love to have you do the workouts with me and follow along with me on my Instagram page as well. ¬†Once we are done with the first two weeks of workouts Jamie is going to release the next phase and I will share my workout log for those with you as well.

If you are interested in having me help you out with a nutrition plan to accompany this workout plan, please check-out my FitQuest Nutrition Coaching Page for program information and rates.

To download the From Fit to All That Workout Log CLICK HERE.


Click HERE for the week 1 & 2 free workout log.

Click HERE for the week 3 & 4 free workout log.

Click HERE for the week 5 & 6 free workout log.

Click HERE for the week 7 & 8 free workout log.

Click HERE for the week 9 & 10 free workout log.

Click HERE for the week 11 & 12 free workout log.


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