I almost feel silly writing this post because this Spanish rice comes together so ridiculously easy, however my family has been raving about it so much that they told me I had to post about it.

On occasion we do eat white rice as a treat.  Trader Joe’s sells a frozen organic Basmati rice that is really tasty and smells like popcorn (it tops my husband’s rice list).  They also sell my favorite pre-made salsa, Serrano Salsa Fresca (In the refrigerated section by the hummus and bruschetta).

All you do to whip this up is cook the rice in the microwave with a small dollop of Earth Balance (please don’t microwave the rice in the plastic bags…transfer it to a bowl), and then when you take it out of the micro, mix in the serrano salsa to taste…that’s it!

Happy early Cinco de Mayo!!!


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2 responses to “QUICK & EASY SPANISH RICE

  1. kelly

    I did it in a plastic bag and im still alive…youre ridiculous

    • Hi Kelly,

      I respect your choice to microwave in plastic…I would hope that you would respect my choice not too. I am sorry you find me ridiculous. To each his own.

      Peace and health!


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